“Without lowering” the basic basket despite the anti-inflation plan, experts say

MEXICO CITY.- Food prices continue to rise. Although in general terms they moderated growth in May, the effects of the measures adopted have not yet been felt by the government through the package against inflation and famine (Pacic), reveals an analysis conducted by specialists from Mexico, how are we doing? (MCV).

Last May, food inflation for selected purposes recorded an annual increase of 13.36%.rate slightly lower than the 13.72% recorded in February 2022, before the announcement of the Pacic, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

On May 4, the federal government announced Pacic, which includes production and distribution measuresforeign trade, among others, which aim to contain the rise in the price level of 24 basic necessities (basic basket Profeco).

However, this package did not consider a social program that would allow the most vulnerable families have access to food (so that the purchasing power of the poorest families does not deteriorate further), warn CVD specialists.

In his opinion, in order for this program to be considered successful, a containment in the evolution of the price level of these itemssomething that is not yet clearly observed in its first month of application.

For example, among the products of animal origin included in the Profeco basket, beef recorded an annual increase of 16.04% in May; the egg, 13.20%; chicken, 12.97%; milk, 12.59%; in addition to canned tuna and sardines, 11.33% reported MCV based on Inegi data.


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In the case of pantry products, vegetable oil recorded an increase of 35.11% in the fifth month of the year, compared to the same period of the previous year; bread box, 17.06%; corn tortilla, 15.65%; and pasta for soup, 14.67%.

Fruits and vegetables considered in the basic basket, such as onions, recorded an increase of 63.63% at the annual rate; Orange, 18.40%; potato, 16.86%; packaged chillies, 14.12%; and apple, 12.23%. While, in personal hygiene products, bathroom soap recorded an increase of 17.76% and toilet paper and disposable handkerchiefs of 7.74%.