Window: Common Pot of Pacacútec has not received any food from the government since last November

Mothers and fathers of Common Pot families “Warrior Mothers”of AA.HH. good view in the district windowdenounced today in RPP news that since November from last year they do not receive the food batch that corresponds to them from the government, in particular from the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS).

Jackelin FloresPresident of the Common Pot, pointed out that according to the ministry’s schedule, they should pass on the food stocks last on May 18th. However, they were not delivered and They were also not told when they would be delivered.

“They haven’t told us when yet, but they’ve told us it will arrive. Since last year they gave us, to this day they don’t give us,” he said.

Likewise, it suggested that this batch of food delivered by the Midis consists of 20 bags containing a kilo of rice, a kilo of legumes, a kilo of sugar and other supplies in equal measure. However, Flores pointed out that they cook in between in just one day 10 and 15 kilos of rice for more than 140 residents of the region.

“They give us 20 bags and in each bag there is a kilo of rice, a kilo of lentils, peas, sugar. Everything comes a kilo […] Rice lasts at least a day with us. One day the rice is gone because we cook 10 to 15 kilos of rice a day,” he said.

price increase

Jackelin Flores also pointed out that the rise in food prices in recent months has hurt the Common Pot’s already difficult work in sourcing supplies.

“The option we have chosen now is the one we bought before, chicken, Now we just buy the backbone of the chicken because it is the cheapest that we can find on the market. Because now everything has become more expensive for the soup we only buy the apple core‘ he said.

He also stated that the increase in gas prices had also made this necessary Increase the price of the menu and reduce the portion for the guests.

“The gas balloon costs 50 soles. What used to cost 29, 30 soles is now 50. We consume two gas a week, 100 soles. We charge S./2.50 to be able to collect for gas and for the small bone we buy,” he pointed out.

With that in mind, he reported that mothers save fuel They collected planks from the markets to use as firewood. However, he stated that it is no longer in their account as they also sell this material.

Flores called on the government to give effect to the support they should receive under the recently passed law in favor of the common pots.

“Suddenly they don’t know the reality we’re going through. I urge them to be kind to the common pots, as the poorest human settlements are suffering from the rise in pricesThose of us who live in the mountains. Suddenly they won’t notice it anymore because they are the ones who have it. But we are suffering,” he said.

As is well known, the law recognizes the common pots as social organizations was enacted by the Executive on April 27. So far, however, no regulations have been set.