Why do lentils foam?

That lenses They are one of the typical dishes of our gastronomy, a legume highly recommended for its vitamin and nutritious contribution which has a simple traditional preparation and is easy to cook.

However, during the preparation of the recipe, it often happens that some doubts arise, especially what has to do with it the foam that forms on the surface of the water when it boils.

In fact, cooking the lentils is the first step of the recipe, and if they’ve been in the boiling water for a while, that’s common A white foam forms on the water surface.

This foam is formed when cooking various legumes or vegetables due to the presence of starch, a substance released from the interior of these foods during cooking.

Therefore, it is advisable to eliminate this foam to avoid indigestion, since the starch retains the pesticides that may have been added to the plants and therefore Removing the foam is a guarantee that some of these chemicals will be removed.