Where to taste the American culinary variety

Rochester, New York

If you like very hearty dishes that have it all, try … the Garbage Plate. You can argue anything you want about where to find the best version of this monstrous dish, or what it should include, but suffice it to say this stack of homemade fries, chicken tenders, burgers, red or white hot dogs, gravy, salad of macaroni, onions, eggs and whatever else the restaurant or tavern decides to include can seem terrible. But if you sit down with friends and a pitcher of beer and attack this meal, you’ll see how cool the idea of ​​putting everything on one plate is. Garbage Plate originated from Nick Tahou Hots, a Rochester restaurant that opened in 1918. You can find it in other local restaurants as well, but Nick Tahou has registered the name. —AZ

If you like hot dogs, try … white hot. If a “garbage dish” is too much, you can easily find one of its usual components, warm white, on its own. Popularized by the family-run restaurant Zweigle’s in the 1880s, this pale, unsmoked German hot dog is made with unseasoned pork and unsmoked veal and beef. Order it at one of the places you’ll find along the “hot dog line”, a 20-minute drive around Lake Ontario. There you will find Don’s Original, where these iconic hot dogs appear on the menu simply as “hots”). —KO

If you like chicken piccata, try French chicken. Sometimes called French chicken out of Rochester, this elegant dish of small pieces of chicken battered with egg and boiled in white wine or a sherry-lemon butter sauce is said to have originated at the local Nate’s Brown restaurant. Derby, which no longer exists. It’s still on the menu at virtually every Italian restaurant in town, including Phillips European and Mr. Dominic’s at the Lake. —KO