Where to go: Discover three places to eat Ramen in CDMX

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East typical Japanese dish It consists of a kind of soup based on meat or vegetable broth, to which long noodles and other ingredients such as eggs, the meat itself or vegetables are added, even if, like everything that arrives in Mexico, it has already been tropicalized . acquired new ingredients that are consumed in this part of the globe.

This dish is so famous in Japanese culture that they include it in their most famous programs, in the animeFor instance, Naruto he spends his time eating ramen in many chapters, which we cannot forget Gokuthis mythical character of dragon ball who always eats this dish that even more than one of the spectators craved.

That’s why on this occasion the En La Hora team will tell you about three places to go where to gowhere you can eat a delicious ramen without leaving Mexico City.

delicious ramen.
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Where can I eat ramen in CDMX?

The house of ramen: This restaurant is located in Río Tiber, Mexico City, very close to the Angel of Independence. If yours is the most common ramen and it’s not that traditional, also if your budget is tight then go to this place.

Rokai Ramen Ya: This restaurant is located at Río Ebro 59, in Mexico City. It is a place of traditional Japanese cuisine, here you can find a wide variety of dishes. But their ramen is something not to be missed, they also have a vegan option, their budget level is not that expensive but not the cheapest.

Sushi Shala: Don’t be surprised by the name, the reality is that this is a typical Japanese restaurant, you can also find the owner outside the business or at the waiting tables. Their ramen is very good, they have many types and the price is not low, but we cannot say that it is expensive either.

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