What is the basic basket and what products does it consist of in Mexico? You should know that

Several changes have been made to the Mexican base basket recently, adding products and creating social programs to easily access various items, but have you ever wondered what the concept of the base basket refers to? We explain it to you here and tell you what products and foods it consists of.

The basic basket is a set of goods and services consisting of essential items for an average family in Mexico. namely. This list of products is what a family considers necessary to meet their basic food needs and have a comprehensive diet, allowing us to find items ranging from groceries to basic care and personal hygiene.

Likewise, the base basket can serve as a reference to determine various factors in the country’s economy, for example to be able to set the minimum wage, and at the same time serve as a tool for monitoring prices in the market. because as we have already mentioned, it includes not only food, but also various products that Mexicans use on a daily basis.

The basic basket in Mexico originally consisted of 23 items until a few years ago, but has grown with the increased needs of Mexican families, now it consists of 40 items that you can find at affordable prices across the country.

Products of the Mexican basic basket

vegetable oil
Purified water
instant coffee
pork meat
chicken meat
packaged chillies
concentrates for making beverages
Basic table of fruits and vegetables
powder detergent
dehydrated fruits
Chickpeas, Peas and Soy
Sweets made from amaranth, peanut and others
meal with cereals
wheat flour
fresh egg
toilet soap
laundry soap
Jamaica and natural tamarind
box and sweet bread
Toilet paper
Noodles for soup
dry fish
tomato puree
table salt