What is Angela Aguilar’s favorite food? This is what you eat in one day

Artists must eat a balanced diet to withstand the long hours of recording a video clip, album or international tour. Just like it happens with Angela Aguilarwhich revealed his way of incorporating his own favorite food in the food you eat daily.

Mexicana Enamorada has pointed out on more than one occasion that she is very disciplined and cares about her physical well-being, however this does not mean that she is concerned about her appearance, but rather that she wants to eat healthy and enjoy life. food that makes her happy as she goes about her daily routine.

What does Angela Aguilar eat?

Angela Aguilar He usually incorporates veggies, proteins, and grains into his food, but what he likes best is enjoying Mexican cuisine. According to an interview with Bandamax, his meal Mexican favorite they are tacos in all their presentations, however, she is a bit finicky when preparing it:

“The taco steak I put only one tortilla, two tortillas take away the flavor of the meat, I put the coriander, the salsa verde, the lemon and, if they have the onion that is super grilled, I put it,” he explained.

Inside favorite food Mexican dishes cannot be missing either, such as chicken flautas and the stew known as ‘Asado de boda’, typical of marriage ties because it serves as an offering from the groom to the bride’s family. Even if she hasn’t specified when she likes to taste them, there is a food that cannot be missed after her concerts.

According to Angela Aguilar, after finishing her concerts, she likes to enjoy instant soup because she ends up exhausted and they help her regain her energy. In fact, these soups are often a surefire piece in your dressing room. The singer’s palate is so wide that even her international dishes are part of her favorite food.

“I like pizza, pasta, carpaccios, but I also like tacos, sandwiches, I also like Chinese food … I like good food,” he said.

Angela Aguilar has shown that he likes to enjoy hers favorite food, while eating a balanced diet that provides the nutrients to stay strong and healthy during your concerts, as well as your activities to promote your music or create singles to satisfy your fans. Plus, exercise is part of your day to gain the strength you need.