What do we eat when it’s cold?

Winter is coming and with low temperatures there is a tendency to select foods that are more caloric than usual.

By Lic. Natalia González MP Nº 180 Nutrition in obesity and bariatric surgery
Food education for children and adults nutrisaludnataliagonzalez

This is natural, as our body has to maintain thermogenesis (being at a warm temperature), but currently we live in an environment with thermoneutrality, we have heating, we are warm; that is, that high calorie expenditure, we no longer have it.
Therefore, we should not eat much more calories in the winter than in the summer, but eat healthy throughout the year.
When it is cold, the first thing that is often forgotten is the consumption of fresh vegetables. Salads start to be unattractive and we start eating more starches, meats, and simple carbohydrates like chocolates or sweets. This type of diet results in weight gain at the end of the season.

Therefore, I recommend eating healthy hot dishes, such as:
* I ate hot, steamed or boiled vegetables, paired with meat, fish, chicken, legumes or pasta.

* In the case of fruit, increase the consumption of citrus fruits, they are very good because they provide vitamin C.

* I consumed lots of hot liquids such as vegetable soup, homemade broths or tea.

* I included a handful of nuts in your snack.
As for the consumption of simple carbohydrates such as chocolates or sweets in general, these must be occasional and should not be part of our daily diet.



150 grams white corn
100 grams of pallares beans
100 gr. beans
3 chopped onions
1/2 chopped red pepper
1 large diced potato
1/2 cubed pumpkin
2 grated carrots
300gr. of tomato sauce
Vacuum packed from 300gr in pieces
100 gr. fat-free bacon
pepper, paprika, garlic, fresh parsley and oregano to taste

Step 1
Soak the beans and corn the night before

Step 2
In a large pot, place the onions together with the bacon, until golden brown

Step 3
Stir in the tomato sauce, seasonings, corn, beans, sous vide, squash, potato, bell pepper, and carrot.
Cover with the broth and cook over medium heat for 40 minutes.

Step 4:
Leave to rest for 10 minutes, serve, decorate with chopped fresh parsley and enjoy.