What do celebrities eat? Argentine chef reveals favorite dishes of Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Goldblum, Elton John and Ricky Martin

During his professional career, Chef Diego Guillén has had the opportunity to cook for many celebrities from both world of cinema and music. Lover of gastronomy, with creativity he imprints innovation and design. In the constant search for new challenges, it generates creations from unexpected products.

During his stay in renowned kitchens in the countryside and abroad, he reveals his secrets. For example, he says that when he worked at the Hotel Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt he stayed there Keane band, which celebrated the birthday of one of its members during the stay. So it was that the chef prepared for them a selection of regional Argentine cheeses and cured meats, and told them about the origin and characteristics of each product.

A lover of local produce, something similar happened to him when he worked at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. There he was in charge of the grilled meats. One night actor Jeff Goldblum went to dinner, something that I was very interested in trying “the best cut of grilled meat”, And Diego took care of preparing it and bringing it directly to the table. This allowed him to start a warm conversation with the well-known actor about the great culture of grilled meat in our country.

Ricky Martin’s diet includes fruit and even junk food: chips, chocolate, and breadgetty – Getty Images North America

But one of the the chef’s most remembered anecdotes were during Ozzy Osbourne’s stay. One night, while the group was staying at the hotel, they ordered a service for the godfather of heavy metal.. In Ozzy’s room they brought dishes like rib eye, chorizo ​​steak, french fries, hamburger ea velvety pottage).

“We cook everything very carefully, then we dish it very well and make sure it reaches a good temperature. After a while all the empty plates return and the butler (hotel butler service) tells us it was perfect and that the group was very happy with the dinner. But something is missing I tell him, we want to know what dishes the Black Sabbath singer ate. We played to see which of the meats he preferred. However, to everyone’s surprise, the musician had ordered the vegetable soup, an anecdote he will never forget.

He also cooked for Elton John, Ricky Martin, Brian May or Michael J. Fox, among others. What are Ricky Martin’s preferences? Start your breakfast with a lemon, honey, red onion and garlic shot with a pinch of salt. In addition, the singer follows a strictly vegetarian diet, due to its cholesterol problems. Ask for fruit and junk food: chips, chocolate and bread, as well as peanuts and almonds.

Guillen was the propellant in the country of nitrogen ice cream with his company Helados GuiLab. A product that arouses a lot of curiosity for the different combinations of flavors, textures, products and for the possibilities of science in the kitchen.

Like all of his projects, he tries to work with products that are not “in” or not so popularand that they can show off by design and flavor.

This is why he chose to share the concept that led him to create the recipe for stuffed and fat tripe take it on the gourmet plane.

Jeff Goldblum was interested in trying
Jeff Goldblum was interested in trying “the best cut of meat on the grill”Disney

From discarded to gourmet: the recipe for stuffed fat tripe

The fat gut is the terminal part of the small intestine of the bovine which, after a rigorous cleaning process, Guillén places in a container with milk, black pepper, bay leaf, garlic, peperina, bay leaf and thyme, and leaves it to marinate. For a day. Then stuffed with different mince and vegetables in original cooking. It ends with a parmesan sauce, bondiola serrana and asparagus tips

With the recipe for stuffed fat tripe the chef tries to avenge those cuts that are perhaps not so praised but that can really be part of a select gastronomic group.

In addition to working in the country with his event service company and Helados GuiLab, he has projects in Spain and Dubai.

Chef Diego Guillen reveals the secrets of celebrities
Chef Diego Guillen reveals the secrets of celebrities