Vegetable prices are seeing high prices

Jaime Saldana

Preparing salads has become a luxury for restaurants and housewives, according to a grocery store owner in the Market Municipal cold chain in David because of prices high. “Domestic lettuce and in the case of romaine lettuce, the pound is at 1.50. In the case of paprika, the wholesale pound is one dollar and will continue to rise according to what we are told. Tomatoes are at 0.90 cents. and one dollar, “he explained. , Victor Macrae.

Unsurprisingly, restaurants choose to make potato salad to avoid rising food prices. VĂ­ctor indicated that potatoes, onions, carrots and beans are some of the products that have kept their prices.

Onion sales remained between 0.50 and 0.60 cents per pound. The sellers state that the import of 45,000 quintals approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Development is necessary as they perceive a possible shortage.

The prices of the products needed for the soup are also increasing. Yams cost a dollar per pound, yuca for 0.50 cents and otoe for one dollar.

In the cold chain market in David there is the wholesale area that sells to the general public from dawn until 10:00 am and thereafter only to customers who buy larger quantities.

Inside are the retailers who generally offer competitive prices and very good products compared to the rest of the informal sellers found in different parts of the city.