Under what conditions did Hugo Sánchez lend his house to Luis García in Spain

(Photo: Instagram/@garciaposti)

One of the characteristics of Hugo Sanchez It’s his personality, because on and off the pitch he was characterized by his own standards and discipline. In Mexican football, he is considered one of the first strikers to achieve success in Europe, emerging from Pumas.

As his successor, he tried to emulate his footsteps Luis Garcia Postigo, who joined Atlético de Madrid in the 1990s after a successful spell at Universidad Nacional. And whoever received him in Spain was over him Pentapichichi.

To make moving easier Luis GarciaHugo provided him with a house so that the striker aurizul will be installed in the old continent. Recently the current sports commentator Aztec television uncovered How was the loan Y what conditions did you set? Hugol so that he can settle in this apartment.

(Photo: YouTube/Dr Garcia)
(Photo: YouTube/Dr Garcia)

In an interview with Efrain spark Velarde for his YouTube channel House Velardethe physician He told how it lived in this house. Although it was a friendly offer from the former Real Madrid player, Luis felt it wasn’t the right decision as he didn’t live in Madrid and years later he regretted that choice.

“In my first year at Atlético, Hugo had returned to Mexico with América and had an empty house outside of Madrid. He kindly offered me to live there. I regret not having lived in Madrid because Hugo’s house was about 20 minutes from the city,” he recalled.

And part of Conditions imposed by Hugo Sánchez concerned the decoration and the storage of his belongings left behind in Spain. Much of the house had photos of the Masculine and other images that highlighted the player’s most iconic moments.

In different bedrooms there was at least one photo of the emblematic games that Sánchez made on the pitch, so Luis had to adapt to this environment; Nonetheless, Over time, some paintings became uncomfortable for him and he withdrew them.

“I came to live there, in the dining room – where I ate my lentil soup – (there was) a painting of P*nche Hugo Sánchez throwing a Chilean. There was a portuguese cleaning lady who helped us a lot around the house and was a friend of Hugo’s and I told her: ‘Madam, we’re going to download this photo because it’s going to give me a heart attack. We downloaded the photo that I tell you was huge and huge and I was on the chin but I couldn’t eat anymore when Hugo Sánchez threw a Chilean,” he added.


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