Traditional recipes in the May festivities – Here Madrid

If you are looking for a taste of Madrid, look no further! This blog post contains recipes that will transport you through the streets of the Spanish capital. From stew to offal, we’ve got you covered. The May holidays are the perfect time to try some of these traditional dishes. Why not cook and enjoy the taste of Madrid?

The most traditional dishes

Madrid has many typical dishes that are worth trying. Cocido, for example, is a stew made with chickpeas, meat and vegetables. Casquería is another traditional dish. If you feel like experimenting, why not give it a try?

In addition to these two dishes, there are many other traditional recipes that you can find on the Internet or in cookbooks. Why not spend the May bridge cooking and savoring Madrid? You will not be disappointed.

Madrid stew

Cocido madrileño is a very popular traditional dish in Madrid. It is a stew made with chickpeas, meat and vegetables. The dish is usually served with bread, which is used to soak up the sauce. Furthermore, it is common for it to be served separately: first the broth, then the chickpeas and, finally, the meat.

Madrid stew is a hearty dish, perfect for the winter months. However, it can also be enjoyed during the spring or summer. If you’re looking for a taste of Madrid, cocido madrileño is a must-try dish.

Callos alla madrileña

Callos a la madrileña are another traditional Madrid dish. It is made with tripe, thigh and nose. This dish is usually served with white rice. Madrid-style tripe is a hearty and satisfying dish, perfect for the winter months.

You can also add a spicy touch with a garlic, onion and chilli sauce. This is another skillet and serving dish.

squid sandwich

The squid sandwich is a very popular snack in Madrid. It is prepared with bread, squid and mayonnaise or aioli. The sandwich is usually served cold. The calamari sandwich is a very popular appetizer in Madrid, it is rare for a bar to offer it to you. This sandwich is usually served with a little mayonnaise or alioli and accompanied by a beer.

Garlic soup

Sopa de ajo is a traditional Spanish soup made with garlic, bread, eggs and chicken broth. This soup is usually served with croutons and paprika sprinkled on top. Garlic soup is a hearty and tasty soup that transports you straight to more traditional homes.


Gallinejas are a type of dish made from lamb guts. They are a very traditional dish in Madrid, but it is increasingly difficult to find them in bars, as they are eaten during popular festivals. It is very easy to prepare them. Lamb casings are simply fried and left to cool in their own fat. They are usually accompanied by fried potatoes in the same oil.

grilled ears

Madrid grilled ears are a very curious dish for anyone who is not from Madrid. They are made with pork ears which are marinated and then cooked before being finally grilled. The dish is usually served with potatoes and salad. Madrid grilled ears are a great option if you are looking for a traditional Madrid dish.

Madrid-style sea bream

The Madrid-style sea bream is a common dish on the tables during the Christmas period. However, it can be eaten all year round. The fish is roasted for a very short time accompanied by a broth made with its bones, vegetables and a few slices of lemon.

Aranjuez asparagus

Aranjuez is a city located in the Community of Madrid, about 60 kilometers from the capital. This town is famous for its asparagus, a seasonal vegetable from February to June. Aranjuez asparagus is green and has a mild flavor. They are usually eaten boiled or grilled. Aranjuez asparagus is a very popular dish in Madrid and is worth a try if you visit the city in spring.

Donuts from San Isidro

The San Isidro fair is one of the most important in Madrid. This festival is celebrated in May and is dedicated to the patron saint of Madrid, San Isidro Labrador. A lot of food is consumed during this fair, but the main dish is the San Isidro donuts. These are fried donuts which are usually served with sugar or chocolate. If you visit Madrid during the San Isidro festivities, be sure to try these delicious donuts.

Chocolate churros

Churros with chocolate are a very popular breakfast dish in Madrid. Churros are fried dough sticks dipped in hot chocolate. This dish is usually served with a cup of coffee. Chocolate churros are a very tasty breakfast dish. You can order the famous chocolate sticks almost anywhere.

Take advantage of your free time during the month of May to cook these typical traditional recipes. They are quite easy and quick. For this, you will need some basic cooking products. Prepare well!

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy these traditional Madrid dishes. Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorites that I haven’t mentioned. Enjoy your meal!