Today we eat a comforting homemade vegetable soup

A fantastic start to a meal because it whets the appetite and allows us to ‘attack’ the main dish and then the dessert.

Ricardo Escurdia

When we talk about spoon dishes, our minds go to some delicious beans, chickpeas or any vegetables that make us enjoy a meal. Few remember soups, those broths that admit so many different ingredients that give them all their flavor. And it’s that simple. A soup is nothing more than a broth with its blessed ‘stumbles’, usually vegetables and meat, fish or shellfish.

Although they are preparations to be enjoyed at any time of the year, it is a fact that the beginning of the soup season is marked by the thermometer. The lowering of temperatures undoubtedly opens the ban on soups. It is a great start to a meal because it whets your appetite and does not fill you up, allowing you to continue in good shape to “attack” the main course and dessert.

One of the most popular variants is also the consommé, which consists of clarified soup broth and without any type of solid ingredient. Like soup, it is comforting and restores tone on cold days, just as cold ones refresh us in summer. In the past they were also consumed for breakfast as they provided a great energy value, like the classic garlic soups we have already talked about in these pages, but they are usually eaten at lunchtime as a first course.

I believe it is the great forgotten and from here I want to break a lance in favor of the soup, above all because today at the speed in which we live there are immediate alternatives that, honestly, seem a mistake given the satisfaction of having a hot broth multiplies when who he did it himself.

From the classic stew soup, with or without chickpeas, to cold soups, the classic oriental ones with their rich nuances and impossible noodles, the Italian minestrone with its infinity of vegetables, the French vichyssoise both hot and cold, every region and even each country has a soup which is its hallmark.

Personally, I love soups with vegetables, which, in addition to being rich, nutritious and healthy, are often used to clean the fridge, or to refine the leftover vegetables that are left over from other preparations. By this I mean that the vegetables in this soup can be changed to your choice or adapted to your taste, making it an ideal option for any occasion.

How to prepare importance artichokes with clams

To implement the flavor you can opt for a simple chicken leg, some prosciutto spikes, a piece of cecina or a knee bone, or just nothing, but I recommend you add a little meat because it always gives a little more than depth. taste.

-Let’s start by heating a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a saucepan and adding the vegetables you want, well washed, peeled and chopped. In my case I put two carrots, three if small, a stick of celery, a couple of leeks, an onion, a couple of garlic cloves and a piece of turnip. If I’m going to add the meat, this is the moment, because I braise everything for at least ten minutes, thus intensifying the flavor of both the vegetables and the cecina in this case. I love the smoky touch it gives it.

-Add the water, just enough to give us a good bowl of soup and we will have a nice broth.

-Let it cook for at least twenty minutes and add some chopped spinach, not very fine, leave them for a few more minutes and serve hot, so that they cool on the plate, or each according to their temperature tolerance regulated as you can. You will see how wonderful it is.