Tips against the common cold that will help us lose weight

That low temperatures They discourage you from going out and exercising or going to the gym. It’s another excuse for us to be mugged by her sedentary lifestyle and the overweight and in the end we cause various damage to the body. The pounds we gain from winter excess are usually well hidden under layers of clothing.

“It is true that at this time of year we are voting higher calorie foods and we consume them in larger quantities. For this reason, in order to fully face these cold days, we must stress right food choices Be careful not to neglect the silhouette,” says Teresa Cóccaro (MN 5.705), qualified nutritionist.

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One of the main mistakes we make during winter is to avoid eating certain foods like fruits and vegetables and replace them with carbohydrates, be it rice, potatoes, pasta or sweet potatoes. That must not happen to us. “Both fruit and vegetables should be on the daily menu,” says the specialist.

Drinking plenty of water is essential for weight loss. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Some tips for losing weight and losing weight despite a cold:

  1. Leave a Comment everything you eat as a successful weight loss strategy. Tracking meals, calories burned and monitoring weight is also very helpful in motivating yourself to keep going and eating a balanced diet.
  2. Find a friend, friend, brother, partner, neighbor or someone who accompanies and motivates to move. Maybe not to go to the gym, but to go for a daily walk.
  3. knowledge What you’re going to eat in advance helps anticipate the ingredients you’ll need, and while you have flexibility, it’s of course also possible to prepare healthy meals and freeze them.
  4. Sleep good: A good rest helps the body to perform its functions properly.
  5. Avoid Eating late in the evening or eating a lot. If the body is busy digesting before going to bed, it does not regenerate properly.
  6. Substitute fried foods for products cooked in the oven and with less fat.
  7. Border the consumption of red meat: it is recommended to eat it occasionally and to opt for leaner and healthier meats such as chicken.
  8. Choose breaded with integral variants where there is more fiber and less fat and calories.
  9. To have Remember that alcohol and sugary drinks add calories without good nutritional nutrients, so are a stimulus for weight gain.
  10. drink Water as the main drink and also via infusions such as soups and broths.

“Rice, lentils, polenta, potatoes or pasta are only recommended biweekly“, clarifies Teresa Cóccaro (MN 5.705), qualified nutritionist. They can be combined in healthy stews with natural tomato sauce and lean meat or chicken; on pumpkin-based meatloaf or pasta with natural tomato sauce or pesto. “The latter is a very complete, healthy, and low-calorie option,” he notes.

“As with all dietary advice, the key is not not to eat, but to control the amount, modify the cooking method (avoiding fried foods is very important) and follow the eating routine physical activityat least 2 or 3 times a week for 30 minutes,” he concludes.