Ticlio Chico: common mothers in the pot prepare broths and soups to relieve the intense cold

The mothers of the common pot ‘La Unión ha la Fuerza’, in the area of Ticlio boyat Villa Maria del Triunfo (VMT), are preparing broths and soups to relieve the intense cold of winter.

A team of RPP News arrived in this area, one of the coldest in Lima, and found that mothers try hard to cook every day.

“Let’s make soups. Imbecile, bones, vegetable soup; so it can keep us warm when we’re so cold, ”said Ms. Morelia, one of the managers.

The biggest problem these women face is the lack of supplies to prepare food, so they have to resort to selling peeled garlic as a source of income.

“We mothers peel garlic, and this is already an income to support us and even to be able to cook something for our children,” she said.

People and companies wishing to show solidarity with these families can call 978697962.

Cold in Ticlio Chico

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (Senamhi) predicted that the temperature will drop to 6 degrees Celsius during the winter in the area of Ticlio boy.

In dialogue with RPP Newsengineer Grinia Ávalos, deputy director of Climate Prediction del Senamhihe warned that the thermal sensation in this area will be even lower, reaching two degrees Celsius.

“We expect average temperatures to fluctuate between 6 and 7 degrees in winter. We are mainly talking about July and August, when the typical winter conditions have consolidated, “she said.

“But these values ​​must be superimposed on the thermal sensation, which is associated with the presence of high concentrations of atmospheric humidity and winds, which make the population perceive a temperature of up to two degrees,” he added.


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