Three refreshing recipes for fruit gazpacho

Although we are in the middle of spring, coming home from work, going out with the children to the park, going for a walk with the dog or any type of activity we do in the sun is sweltering because of the high temperature that hit our country. So much so that in many hours of the day the terraces of our country are crowded with people trying to hydrate and shelter from the sun’s rays.

Another way to combat the sweltering heat that has suffocated much of the national territory during the month of May was to prepare refreshing foods, more typical of summer, to cope with high temperatures.

One of those dishes, which in addition to being healthy, is one of the tastiest and perfect to be enjoyed on the hottest days is Gazpacho. This recipe, which is part of the oldest Spanish cuisine, has multiple versions and gives a lot of play to the cook, who with a little originality can make infinite different versions to never get bored.

The tomato takes on the leading role in traditional gazpacho recipe, which consists of a cold soup with raw vegetables, bread, oil, vinegar and salt. It was the ancient peasants and laborers of the interior of the eternal Al-Andalus in the 8th century who invented a primitive gazpacho composed exclusively of water, oil and vinegar, although sometimes almonds or garlic were added. It was only in the 16th century, with the arrival in America, that they began to incorporate products from the other side of the Atlantic, such as peppers and tomatoes, and which give them that unique and special flavor that our cuisine appreciates so much today.

Since then, this fabulous dish has been a excellent ally to combat high temperatures and from it new variants emerged with different fruits which give a spark of special flavor.

To encourage you to try some of these fruity variations, here are three recipes that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of gazpacho, adding a unique touch that will never tire of this recipe so deeply rooted in our land.

watermelon gazpacho

Gazpacho of watermelon. shutters

ingredients: chopped watermelon, large ripe tomatoes, onion, green pepper, small peeled cucumbers, garlic cloves, salt, extra virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar.

Processing: we must grind everything well in a blender and then let it cool in the fridge and add the garnish we want.

Gazpacho with green apple

Gazpacho with green apple. shutters

ingredients: cucumber, green apple, green pepper, hard-boiled egg, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar.

Processing: Chop the ingredients and mix them all together. The egg adds a point of texture to the dish, but if we see that it is too thick we can add a little water until it reaches the point we like.

Strawberry Gazpacho

Strawberry Gazpacho A bowl of strawberry soup gazpacho with mint

ingredients: ripe tomatoes, strawberries, spring onion, garlic, green pepper, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Processing: to start, we need to wash, chop, beat and drain all the ingredients. When serving the gazpacho we can add a few drops of the Modena vinegar reduction and strawberry slices. It is usually advisable to select the ripest strawberries to enhance the flavor of this dish.