those in the spoon are refreshing

Are you one of those healthy people that the heat doesn’t make you lose your appetite? If the answer is yes, you should keep reading these lines. Otherwise, do it anyway to avoid fainting in the face of this devastating and unbearable heat wave. Here, we do not disgust a stew, a stew or a roast even if we are in the same Sahara, but obviously the stratospheric level of mercury makes it more advisable to enjoy more refreshing dishes. For this reason, today we present to you a collection of the best cold soups in Madrid. This is a sentimental ode to gazpachos, salmorejos, ajoblancos and similar delicacies, pioneers of cuisine based on products, condiments and uses before gastronomes used them to enrich speech.

The gazpacho, the king

Let’s start with the gazpacho, one of the undisputed kings of summer (with the permission of the Emeritus when he ran). If we want to be sophisticated, we have to look at exquisite proposals such as Dani García’s already classic nitro tomato, available at the Four Seasons and served on its green gazpacho. Not even the ones they put in Viridiana should be left in the inkwell: a crown of Sardinian bread and another of strawberries with marinated herring, both with the incomparable style of Abraham. Rocacho is also refined and exquisite, which Jairo Soria prepares with strawberries and crowns with a shrimp pancake.. Although his passion is above all rice, even the good José Luis Garcia Berlanga does it with great solvency, and serves as a digestive appetizer before the paellero festival.