They indicate a dozen fruits and vegetables under $ 80

06/20/2022 – 05:07 The gang

The wholesale fruit and vegetable market Comeco Cooperative It will open today from 7am to 11am, while there will be no activities in the afternoon, according to the institute. Likewise, they detailed current wholesale prices per pack and per kilogram, including a dozen pumpkin, ancos, and citrus varieties with pricing options under $ 80.

From the cooperative he chairs Edoardo Fiori reported that “these are not suggested retail prices in greengrocers, but the prices bases with which fruit and vegetables are sold wholesale at the stalls of the wholesale operators of this Fruit and Vegetable Market “.

In turn, Comeco recommended that “the consumption of products at this time of the year guarantees us to exploit their optimal point of ripeness to incorporate their nutrients and avoid the deficiency of some vitamins and minerals”.

Furthermore – they added – “it contributes to our family economy, given that seasonal fruit and vegetables are usually cheaper, so it is important to monitor their price in order to take advantage of what is cheaper”. In this sense, according to the prices published by Comeco, the varieties of pumpkins such as cambutiano, zapallitos and anquitos show wholesale values ​​of less than 80 dollars per kilogram. Other vegetables such as onions, potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes show values ​​of less than $ 75 per kilogram.

Likewise, they recommended that “with the autumn and the first cold weather, a good daily soup with a mix of vegetables will ensure some of the consumption we need for our health”.

Meanwhile, according to the same official price list, among the fruits that appear with the cheapest values ​​on the list there are oranges, tangerines and grapefruits, also under 80 dollars per kilogram.