They are asking for support for those affected by the fire at Bawinocachi in Bocoyna – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

After a forest fire broke out in the Bocoyna community last Monday, May 23, around 50 Rarámuri families were affected in their crops and properties, for which the Center for Training and Defense Association for Indigenous Human Rights called on society at large for contributions to provide and tools for these families.

“The fire started in Bawinocachi municipality and affected two main farms, Egochi and Ojo del Buey, that’s where the fire was most affected, it affected just over 50 families, the fire started because some people were drunk and left the country fire active and apparently caused the fire, which is affecting more than 500 hectares,” the association’s members said.

He said that in these affected areas there are plots where the Rarámuri families produced corn that was completely infested before the severe fire that was controlled on May 27 by the residents and some brigades who came to this place was consumed by the flames Begin the appropriate work.

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For those interested, they can supply some groceries, such as beans, oatmeal, juices, soup, oil, maseca, flour, tuna, lentils, rice, salt, coffee, water, sugar, sardines, canned vegetables, butter, tomato puree, crackers, which are available today in Parque Urueta are available.

For more information, the number 6141841102 has also been made available to make a donation or continue to receive the aid that will be sent to these affected communities in the coming days.