“There were two years of immunization, hence the increase in cases today”

The measures applied at the beginning of the pandemic to prevent the growth of cases from Covid-19 have brought with them a primary consequence in the health of the inhabitants, and above all, in the little ones. The lack of exposure to viruses and bacteria in the last two years has affected the immune system of the population, causing infections of other types of seasonal diseases, such as colds and flu, to be more persistent, even reaching hospitalization. Todo Pasa spoke with Dr. Silvia Araya, pediatrician, who explained this phenomenon of respiratory diseases.

“Father’s Day weekend has calmed down, but this cold wave will bring another peak. As autumn began, respiratory cases increased. It’s typical to go back to school after the pandemic, now all the groups are together. There were two years of immunization left, so this situation was maximized. We had an outbreak of hands, feet, mouth, which was not a problem before and now it is. Many patients have experienced various difficulties following the illness. The little ones carry bronchiolitis, which affects the bronchioles, have a slow evolution and sometimes require hospitalization, ”explained Araya.

The professional recommended that babies should be warm in the chest, back and neck and suggested that a vest is the ideal coat, as are fleece collars. In addition, he added that hot drinks, such as a soup with some seasonal vegetables, also help, which have protective properties. “We must continue with the prevention measures we use for Covid. At home we have to wash our hands, we have to use the elbow when coughing or sneezing. We must also take advantage of seasonal fruit: tangerines, oranges, grapefruits help with vitamin C “. Finally, the specialist ensured that timely pediatric counseling helps a lot in the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases in children.

For his part, Dr. Cugno, head of the Health Policy Directorate, added that upper and lower respiratory tract infections are very common at this time, and explained that they spread through droplets, saliva. He also reminded that people at risk must continue to take care of themselves. “We’re all back to business and it’s easier to get infected.” He commented that they are working hard with vaccination in children aged 5 to 12, as this age group is a very good transmitter, as they do not suffer heavily from Covid disease and transmit it symptomatically or briefly.