Then you can make a delicious codito salad with pepper and corn for these summer afternoons

The summer It is closer than we think. We can feel it in the airon to rain and also on earth. The fruits and everything is different from spring despite the fact that both seasons of the year are hot. However, the truth is that it seems not, but at this time of the year they eat different things. For example, in spring we want a lot Waterfall Y saladsbut in the summer we want something more fleshy (and also salads).

For this reason, we have decided to share with you nothing more and nothing less than a prescription so you can create one saladbut not just any one, but one of pasta so that you feel more filled than pure lettuce. It is a tasty one cold soup by code, which you can prepare as a salad For these days full heat and it’s not just any one, because it has bell pepper and corn kernels.