The typical meals of the Corpus of Granada that can be tasted in the stands

The early afternoon of Corpus Domini in Granada it went smoother than expected. The wagons did not stop moving through the streets of the fair district. On both sides of the tracks there are the cabins, which never stop playing the typical songs of this festival. At the same time they received citizens, dressed for the occasion, looking for something fresh to eat and shelter from the sweltering heat it was in Granada at noon.

This Sunday, but also for the whole week, food is another protagonistboth for private events that are organized for stand members and for families who come to eat some typical dishes which is done on these dates. And, even if the influx of people has not been the highest, since many have decided to spend this sunny day on the beach or have simply postponed it until the sun has stopped shining in the sky, the kitchens of the booths worked like every fair day.

The culinary offer of the menus of the different cuisines of the cabins is wide enough, while preparing special dishes for special days. Hence, there are elaborations which are characteristic of these days and which are highly recommended if you are at the fair. In this way it is always advisable to know which dishes are characteristic of these days.

Whether as a tapa or in portions, poor potatoes are one of the most popular dishes at the fair. With poached onion, roasted peppers Y fried eggs, is the main dish among visitors to Corpus. A real treat that helps to regain the strength to continue the party. Even the Paella It is one of the dishes that absolutely cannot be missing in Spanish geography. Its countless versions, due to the variety of ingredients that can be used, make it a unique and incomparable experience. Seafood, rabbit or broth, all of these varieties have their own charm. In addition to being able to order this well-known dish by letter, it will be there rice tastings on Tuesday 14, at 15:00, at the La Lola stand and rice soup tasting at the La Excusa stand.

To follow, another of the most characteristic and recurring dishes of the fair. The easy preparation of crumbs, made with bread or flour, accompanied by peppers, bacon, sausage or grilled sardines make this dish one of the most popular for its flavor. there will be one Tasting Thursday 16 at the La Lola stand. The month of June in Granada is very hot and this year the temperatures will reach 40 degrees. That’s why eating and drinking cold preparations is the best way to combat the sweltering heat. Like him Gazpacho As the Salmorejo, a soup made from vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, pepper and onion, served with ice, is one of the main dishes of the Corpus. One can be found gazpacho tasting on Tuesday 14th at La Alborea stand and Friday 17th at El Cortijo stand.

One of the meat dishes that this fair represents: the choto. It is true that there are several ways to prepare kid, but the most common is kid with garlic. It will be possible enjoy a Choto alla Santaella on Friday 17th at the El Salero stand. There is also a place for tapas, and in this category the “Egg shells“are the best bite of the fair. This dish is characteristic of the La Montera stand. Every year they cook it on these dates, which has become a tradition for those who pass by this stand. A dish made from fried eggs with the famous motrile├▒as prawns. All accompanied by a tasty bread. It is served in tapas and was the winner of the Tapas Caseteras competition. Can tasting at midnight on Wednesday 16.

The maimones soup It is a very popular dish in the province of Granada. It has a certain resemblance to garlic soup, but with a few variations that give it a different flavor. Usually croutons are added and sometimes, to give it an extra flavor, serrano ham. there will be one Tasting at dawn on Saturday 18 at the El Revuelo stand. Even the chocolate potatoes It is a characteristic and traditional broth of all Spanish geography. Potato-based stew cooked with cuttlefish of marine origin dipped in a special fish broth. It will be possible taste on Friday 17 at noon at the El Cortijo stand.

To get some cake polenta with croutons and cane honey It is a traditional dessert that is usually prepared during the holidays, in particular it is a typical All Saints’ cake. It is very popular in the province of Granada and has several variations, depending on the ingredients used in its preparation. A dessert recommended to give a touch of sweetness after the main meal. In the Corpus there will be a tasting at dawn on Saturday 18 at the Aires de Fiesta stand.

And finally, perhaps the sweet protagonist of the whole Corpus week: the churros Much appreciated at any time, at breakfast or before leaving at dawn after a long day of eating, dancing and rebujito. With sugar or chocolate, it is the essential nutritional supply at the fair. There are several stalls dedicated to churros and there will be a special farewell tasting on Sunday at 4 am at the La Malafollá stand.