The ten super foods that should always be part of your diet for younger looking skin

With summer upon us, it’s time to decide to wear a
healthy dietbut when we get to the point, as well as incorporating it into our everyday life
fruits and vegetablesWe don’t know much more. You should know that there are many foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are not only healthy for the body in general, but also help improve
the general appearance and health of the skinresulting in a face with better tone, greater radiance and a much more rejuvenated appearance.

To do this, the
doctor perricone has selected ten foods that should not be missing in their diet for this 2022: “One of my greatest pride as a doctor and researcher is having discovered the role of certain
nutrients key and its impact on
beauty, health and longevity. When I talk about superfoods, I am referring to those with remarkable anti-inflammatory, healthy and regenerating properties, unfortunately very forgotten in today’s world of fast food and processed foods “, he says of his own creation. And it is that, even if his diet is not designed. for
lose weightthose who follow it usually get it as they incorporate healthy habits into their day.

And what are those
nutrients What shouldn’t be missing from your diet to say goodbye to wrinkles? For Dr. Perricone, our body needs its share
high quality protein, which you can find in foods like salmon, free-range chicken, turkey, eggs, tofu, kefir, plain yogurt, quinoa, or almonds. Also important are the
complex carbohydrates and fiberthose that allow for slower absorption and do not cause an inflammatory reaction and are found in blackberries, red and white onions, raspberries, olive oil, oatmeal and lemons.

Nor can those known as
“good” fats or essential fatty acids for its protective effects on the heart, its ability to lower blood pressure and reduce the formation of blood clots (salmon, tuna sardines, linseed oil and chia for
Omega 3 and sunflower seeds, pistachios or olive oil for the
Omega-6 and Omega-9). And we can’t forget it
alpha lipoic acid (spinach or broccoli) e
antioxidant vitaminswhich protects our cells from inflammation caused by free radicals.

This is all very good, but where do we introduce all of this into our diet? This is when they come into play
superfoods of which Dr. Perricone speaks. But don’t think that we are talking about fruits that are found only in distant countries or seeds that are grown in a remote village. They are foods of
Our day to dayeasily adaptable to our routine.

The 10 anti-aging superfoods

1. Wild salmon: Salmon is rich in DMAE, axanthin and essential fatty acids (more than 5% of its content is made up of “good” fats)

2. Extra virgin olive oil: Made up of almost 75% oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat responsible for reducing the oxidation of LDL, or ‘bad cholesterol’, which can cause cell deterioration), it contains high levels of polyphenols such as hydroxytyrosol.

3. Green vegetables: A broccoli, spinach, or green asparagus soup is a great option to get nutrients and antioxidants like vitamin C, calcium or magnesium, which slow down aging.

4. Strawberries and berries or reds: Powerful low-glycemic antioxidants are the key to achieving a younger-looking and full of vitality face. In addition, they help reduce accumulated body fat.

5. Natural organic dairy products, without sweeteners and low in salt: Among the two most recommended are organic natural yogurt (with no added sugar or sweeteners) and kefir. Both contain bacteria that are important for intestinal health and improve digestion.

6. Oatmeal: Rich in fiber, monounsaturated fats and proteins, it helps control cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as improve the digestive system, regulate blood sugar and protect the body from cancer.

7. Aromatic plants and spices: They have anti-aging properties, like turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. Tabasco sauce is another accepted option.

8. Green tea: It is one of the key drinks in the Perricone anti-aging diet with the most scientifically confirmed anti-aging properties. Contains catechin polyphenols and antioxidants that stimulate metabolism and slow down aging.

9. Mineral water: Dehydration makes it difficult to metabolize fats and, therefore, will prevent the body from eliminating waste, as well as favoring the development of inflammatory compounds.

10. Pure cocoa in small ‘doses’: It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the attack of free radicals and, thanks to its high magnesium content, regulates sugar levels, helps to ‘fix’ calcium, controls the intestinal flora and protects the cardiovascular system.