The Pinedo family has added a new business: Weddings “in the most beautiful courtyard in the world”

Beyond politics, the Family of PRO referee Federico Pinedo He has a big farm jumpthat offers a place to spend a few days in the countryside, distracting yourself and enjoying the landscapes of northern Argentina.

And now the family will add a new business and offer a different service: Weddings.

“I just convinced Mama to offer weddings at Hacienda de Molinos.”wrote Cecilia Pinedo, daughter of the former national senator Federico Pinedoon his Twitter account, adding: “They get married in the most beautiful patio in the world“.

The farm Cecilia is referring to.

In addition, people can count on the possibility of enjoying the religious celebration in the Chapel of Molinos in the middle of the Calchaquí Valleyswhich was consecrated National Historical Monument, as it is considered one of the pre-Hispanic places that have a great wealth of history before the Spanish conquest. Cecilia described the chapel as the “most beautiful in the world”.

The wedding of Federico Pinedo's daughter.
The Mill Chapel.

Hacienda Molinos is a place that already offers accommodation and restaurant service for those who want to stay before overnight Snowy Chachi. However, the family is now venturing into the realm of marriages.

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Cecilia’s wedding, which started the service

On June 20, Cecilia married Pinedo “Guri” Sosa at the Molinos Chapel and held the celebration at the family hacienda. This prompted the Pinedos to rent the venue for weddings.

According to the publication of the daughter of the former national senator The menu would be to choose frombut he highlighted the ones he chose for his wedding: “empanadas, choripán, lentil stew, chicken soup, lamb or vacuum sandwiches, cheese, quimbo eggs, real pasta, and sweet potatoes or quinces.”

The wedding of Federico Pinedo's daughter.
Wedding dinner by Cecilia Pinedo.

The announcement of the new service was accompanied by photos of their wedding, for which he joked: “If required, we can rent gauchos and ponchos‘, a message accompanied by a picture of his guests dressed as gauchos.

Before publicizing Hacienda Molinos’ decision, Cecilia shared photos of her wedding with the phrase: “Impressive wedding fashion in Molinos“.

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