the new Ricardo Muñoz Zurita

Located in the dynamic Polanquito area, Ricardo Muñoz Zurita’s newest restaurant, Polanco Blue and Goldand he stain authentic Mexican that this part of Mexico City was missing. Meet him. Photos: Courtesy and Arturo Torres Landa.

A name that is a guarantee

talk about restaurants Blue (Historical Blue, Blue Countess) and Blue and Gold (UNAM) is to be referred, immediately, to a well-established concept. Created by chef and researcher Ricardo Munoz Zuritathis brand has known save culinary knowledge and techniques from all over Mexico to present them refinement Y modernity in all its locations.

Hence, this first and last name needed a place consistent with the high standards set in its culinary offer: the increasingly vibrant western part of Mexico City. Fortunately, Polanco already has a restaurant today Blue Y prayed, located practically opposite the always busy Lincoln Park.

for all occasions

Like other culinary spaces in the area, Polanco Blue and Gold offers a Terrace to open which completes the internal environment, consisting of a single compartment with an upper floor. Inside the the decoration refers directly to the name of the sitewith materials and textures in navy blue and gold, as well as details that reminiscent of crafts from various parts of Mexico. In this way, it is a versatile space Y nice, to which it lends itself entertain a foreign guest what to eat with a friendYes

Polanco Blu e Oro: classics and novelties

Azul y Oro Polanco tomato salad

Of course, the menu draws on numerous gastronomic traditions to offer a rich and complex panorama of Mexican cuisine. In addition, he took up classic dishes and known from the other concepts of the Chef Zurita.

As an appetizer, the advice is to try the salad tomatoes heirloom, Idiazábal lettuce and cheese produced in Puebla. Composed of vegetables of various colors and textures, it offers fresh morsels that recall the diversity of Mexican milpa.

To continue, your best bet would be to go to a classic Azul restaurant, like the Tortilla Soup. It is considered the “Queen” soups and stews of Azul y Oro Polanco, and for this reason it has its own “throne”: a beautiful hollow ceramic catrina, the lower part of which is the plate where the soup is served. It goes well with chicken shredded, cream, panela, avocado Y minced tortilla, as it should be, wow.

Catrinas for tortilla soup

The inevitable moles

Taking advantage of the fact that the “safety pins” section has been inserted, next time it must contain some moles by chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, celebrated and delicious. Their legendary black mole it is absolutely worth tasting, as it is prepared below traditional recipes of Oaxaca. can be enjoyed with a turkey medallion or a piece of turkey on the sidealthough it is also valid eat it in spoonfulsas recommended here.

If you are looking for an alternative more authorial, or a dish that came out of the chef’s repertoire, the recommendation is his duck pancakes. Stuffed with this bird’s roast meat, they go bathed in black taupe and finished with blackberries which break down fat with their acidity. A plate round, playful, which enables various approximations.

Roasted duck pancakes

To be shared in Polanco Blu and Oro

In the sweets section, the chocolate ones stand out, like wet corn tamale with chocolate sauce. However, to try something different, the nicoato is the best alternative. It is a fluffy corn flan dipped in black sapote sauce. Delightful.

Both the dessert and the other times can be accompanied fresh water, mezcal, tequila or wines Y beers national invoice. And as happens in the other branches, also in Azul y Oro Polanco you can see the works of Artisans kneading and throwing tortillas printed with muitle stamps.

It is the most eloquent reminder that there is no better food than that prepared by hand and at the moment. Average control: $ 650 pesos. Where is it: Emilio Castelar 121, Polanco. blue. rest IG: @azulristoranti

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