The national protein distribution plan benefited 917 families in Portuguesa

In order to supply the communities in a timely manner, the National Protein Distribution Plan benefited 917 families of the “Santa María I” community in the municipality of Guanare, in Portuguesa.

The information was provided by the head of state of Mercal, Norelys Garcia, who highlighted that about 3 tons of meat and chicken were delivered during the day, to encourage a balanced diet in lowland homes.

The activity involved selling vegetables, as well as other items made in the community, to offer a variety of products in one place, reports the web portal of the Ministry of Popular Power for Food.

García stressed that “the local committees of supply and production (CLAP) are active in the distribution of food for people, they, hand in hand with our workers, contribute to people’s well-being and quality of life”.

The head of the CLAP of the community of Santa María I, Juan Carlos Rivas, He stated that “thanks to Mercal’s teamwork with organized people’s power, the proteins were sent. We are grateful for President Nicolás Maduro’s food and social protection policies, because we can offer vulnerable families accessible food and contribute to the healthy nutrition of children in the sector, ”she stressed.

People from the popular sector expressed their satisfaction, such as Marina López: “It’s a food feast, not only did I get my protein combo, but also the vegetables for the soup, all at a fair price for my pocket.” . In addition, José Duarte said: “Without queuing and directly I bought chicken and meat, at a lower cost than in private markets, I am very grateful.”

In the Fiera del Campo Sovrano the right to food is strengthened, with the social protection offered by the Bolivarian Government and to consolidate the Food Security of the llanera region.