The flavors of typical Polish dishes, now for the Argentines

May 30, 2022 – 20:51
Marysieñka Zeman, creator of the Polish cuisine YouTube channel in Spanish and author of the cookbook “Mes a mes flavor Polish”, shares her culinary secrets.

Wrapped babies, pierogi and beetroot soup – these are some of the most popular Polish dishes in Argentina. But Polish gastronomy has much more to offer. Among these surprises are recipes based on fermented preparations (such as the famous homemade sauerkraut) and recipes for light and quick dishes to prepare.

Marysieñka Zeman, creator of the YouTube channel of Polish cuisine in Spanish and author of the cookbook “Mes a mes taste polones”, edited and financed by the Polish Embassy in Buenos Aires, presented her masterpiece a few days ago.

To the surprise of many, the dishes chosen are not difficult to prepare and many transmit healthy habits through fruit and vegetables and ingredients such as “dill”, widely used in Europe and which is only recently being discovered here in a more massive way.

“On the channel I have on YouTube, people who follow me ask me for recipes. This was the impetus to make the book with foods for all tastes. It’s easy and affordable cooking with a healthy streak, ”Marysieñka explained during the launch of her first book.

Thus, in its pages one can read, in Spanish and Polish, new words such as Pierogi, stuffed pasta; Pomidorawa, tomato soup; Bigos, Polish stew in a pan; and Szarlotka, the classic sweet apple pie that abounds on the Polish table due to the 250 varieties of that fruit that grow in their country.

“There are many varieties of food in Poland, most of which are used in Argentine cuisine. It is a different way of cooking than what is customary here, but it has very good dishes such as sauerkraut which has probiotics and is very healthy, ”stressed the specialist in Polish cuisine.

To reach a greater number of people, an electronic version of the book will also be launched, which can be downloaded for free from the link A good initiative for those looking for new flavors for their daily cuisine and which saves the European traditions brought by immigration.