The expert shares simple diet tips to relieve constipation and insomnia

Due to busy schedules and unhealthy eating habits, some lifestyle conditions such as constipation, and insomnia are becoming more and more popular. While there are medications to help overcome the same, why not opt ​​for a natural and sustainable cure that has no side effects?

In an Instagram video, Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Mihir Khatri shared some of them Advice It will help regulate bowel movement and also improve sleep.

This is what he suggested.

* Include papaya in yours Breakfast. Papayas contain papain enzymes that are good for abdominal ailments and help clear the intestines.

* Have 5-10 black raisins that have been soaked overnight in the morning or evening. This will help clarify movement and you’ll sleep well too, he said.

* Eat vegetable soup for dinner because it is rich in fiber which helps to clear the intestines. Avoid raw vegetables as they can cause gas formation.

Ghee with milk before bed can help with insomnia and constipation (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock)

* Drink a cup of warm milk with two teaspoons of cow butter before going to bed. “Eating ghee does not raise cholesterol or fat. This helps lubricate the intestines and cleanse the intestines in the morning, “she said.

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