the delivery of the chifa kitchen that will steal your heart

Maybe you met Capon with the little place he had on Nataniel Cox street, a dive that looked like the only 100% Chifa restaurant in Santiago.

Even if that venue is closed, you can still enjoy its cuisine, as it has now moved to the Bellavista neighborhood, where it opened with a dark kitchenthis is it works only as a delivery.

In command are Gerardo Inostroza and Manuel Villavicencio, whom you probably know as the king of the pisco sour, because he was a bartender at La Mar.

Furthermore Roberto Ponce, the chef who has worked in restaurants such as Astrid y Gastón, Gastón Acurio, La Mar and Madam Tusan.

Photo: Carolina Vargas

Luxury team behind Capon and his team 100% chifa deliveryWhat is that as they say in Peru al wonderful fusion of the cuisine of his country with that of China.

It is one of the most ingrained concepts of Peruvian cuisine. In fact, there’s no neighborhood there that doesn’t have a chifa on hand.

In Capon’s case, what he offers are Abundant, generous and extremely tasty popular dishes, with attention to even the smallest details.

Photo: Carolina Vargas

Even classics, such as the Wonton Piglet ($ 3,600), which you can find here nicely stuffed with pork and
and Chinese onion accompanied by tamarind sauce; Y Chicken Wonton ($ 3,600) stuffed with chicken and mushrooms accompanied by the same tamarind sauce.

Moreover traditional ($ 2,100 for 10), those featuring little meat and some spring rolls ($ 3,600 for four), stuffed with vegetables wok with pork and accompanied by lemon with Chinese cinnamon.

Capon: all the flavor of China and Peru

Photo: Carolina Vargas

On cold days it is possible to order preparations such as soup to want ($ 5,900), classic chifa, with pork, chicken, wonton, quail eggs, Chinese noodles, and Chinese vegetables; and the pi-canton of chicken ($ 6,900), which is a battered chicken with chillies, peppers, and Chinese onion.

Or any of the rice dishes, like airport ($ 5,900), hugely popular, combining the unmatchable: wok-fried rice with deep-fried noodles, plus eggs, chicken, pork, shrimp, dragon’s teeth, and chives.

Photo: Carolina Vargas

Beyond vegetable chaufa ($ 3,900), wok-fried with vegetables, egg and Chinese onion, or the street chauffa ($ 7,900), wok-fried rice with meat, chicken, pepper, dragon’s tooth, fried noodles, oyster sauce, and two pork wontons.

Another delicacy you can order from Capon is the sauteed chicken tapadito ($ 7,600), stir-fried chicken with vegetables on a classic chaufa topped with an egg omelette; or the Sauteed capon loin ($ 8,500) the classic lomo saltado accompanied by French fries and chaufa rice.

Photo: Carolina Vargas

And while recommending the small mustard ($ 8,600), with breaded chicken, a classic chaufa, and French fries with their spicy mayonnaise.

Have you tried? You can order Capon through his website, Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00. In addition to Sundays, from 12:00 to 16:00.