The common pot ‘Esperanza’ will not be able to produce soup this winter due to lack of resources

At Villa María del Triunfo (VMT), the workers of the municipal vessel ‘Esperanza’, which is located in the Cerro Zorritos building association, regret not being able to bring a bowl of soup to combat the harsh winter that is hitting the Peruvian capital, and is that lack of resources limits them to being able to serve the full meal to their neighbors.

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The brave women, who wake up very early every day to be able to cook 90 servings a day for two years, have seen in recent weeks, just when the cold is increasing, how the need has knocked on their doors and the provisions to prepare a hot broth. it is missing from their kitchens, so they must desist from including it in the food offered and offer only the second.

“This winter it will not be possible to prepare a broth, for the same reason that we do not have the vegetables, we do not have the donations. In previous years we could prepare the soup and the second, it was a richer and more sustainable food for our neighbors, ”says Ms. Aurora Huancahuari.

Also, the area where the pot is located is one of the highest in the neighborhood of Villa María del Triunfo, so the cold is more intense and the fog is much denser, which doesn’t even allow for a good view of the streets or houses. .

But for the humble space this too is a complication, because the wood that they obtain with so much effort at the beginning cannot be used correctly because it becomes moist with time, delaying and forcing the ladies to have patience to light the pots.

“We bring firewood from afar to be able to cook, because the gas cylinder is very expensive, like S /. 56, so we use firewood, but it gets wet with humidity, so it makes it difficult for us to light and cook ”, said the representative of ‘Esperanza’.

As if that were not enough, the increase in the prices of products from the basic family basket has affected them too, forcing them to slightly raise the price of food.

“In previous years, the price we could give was S /. 1.50, this year costs S /. 2.50, for the increase of all the food we have. Chicken is expensive, eggs are expensive, rice, oil, so there’s no way, “he added.

To help these women who play an important game against hunger every day, you can connect to 980025540.

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