The cold season and food – The discussion

Mr. Headmaster:

The arrival of winter invites us to taste hot, high-calorie foods such as sopaipillas, but with it comes the weight and the increase in body fat. If we want to maintain body temperature we can eat healthy, hot and equally delicious foods. For example, you can prepare homemade vegetable soups or consommé of beef or chicken, that is, boiling the meat and using the broth as broth, to which you can add small pieces of vegetables (carrots, squash, courgettes, greenery, etc. ).

Usually the consumption of salads as they are is recommended for the summer, since they are fresher, instead in winter you can eat vegetables, but in hot preparations, for example, steamed, sautéed, baked, roasted or incorporated into a soup as already mentioned .

Another important factor in winter is to maintain adequate hydration, preferably with water (it can be temperate); We can also incorporate herbal teas or drinks such as mate to help raise our body temperature. In the case of coffee, its consumption should be moderate, as it is an irritating drink if consumed in large quantities. Additionally, we can add walnuts to our diet for three to seven servings per week (serving is eight to ten units). They are a healthy source of fat and also help us maintain body temperature.

Mary War Valley

USS Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics