The basic basket falls by 73 pesos, compared to the month of April

In May, the price of the basic basket fell by 73 pesos, compared to April, when it was quoted at 2,623 pesos, which is 73 pesos less than in the fourth month of the year, according to the tally made by Así’s team. Sucede through the supermarkets of the Mexican capital.

Housewives, recognize that, in this month of the year, they no longer buy unnecessary products (Photo: networks)

The shooting is carried out in two places, the Benito Juárez market in the municipality of Toluca, as well as a supermarket in the capital of the state of Mexico, where the price of 62 products is analyzed and a comparison is made with the sum.

In May it was possible to demonstrate that the avocado went from 80 to 140 pesos; however the lemon fell from 70 to 24 pesos per kilo, while the egg went from 50 to 52 pesos. Tortilla is also a staple product that has risen significantly in price.

In this regard, housewives say that because basic products such as milk, rice, sugar, beans, lentils, corn, tortillas, soup, eggs and fruits and vegetables are expensive, they hardly see the decrease in goods.

It is worth mentioning that this exercise studies 62 products proposed by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policies, which measures poverty in Mexico and evaluates government programs and social policies.