If you want to start taking care of yourself and you need a shock plan to quickly see the first effects of your effort, today we offer you a purifying soup for fast weight loss e healthy way. At this time of the year we want hot dishes rich in vitamins that will comfort us and protect us from colds. For this reason, take a light vegetable soup but consistent will help us lose weight by strengthening our body against possible colds and flus. Of course, you shouldn’t become obsessed with losing pounds quickly as this is neither healthy nor effective in the long run, so don’t make the mistake of looking for a 10 pound weight loss soup in a week as it will never be healthy or recommended. .

The best thing you can do to lose weight is follow up on balanced and low-fat diet and exercise regularly. inside this healthy regime There is room for the soup we are going to prepare today as all of its ingredients are perfect for weight loss and it is also very nutritious.

The low-calorie soup for fast weight loss

IS low calorie soup is ideal for lose weight fast but without falling into the error of miracle diets that make you lose pounds as quickly as you gain them. This broth contains cleaning ingredients such as onion, tomato, celery, garlic and cabbage. All cooked lightly and with no added fat result in a very nutritious dish with few calories.

How much soup do you need to drink per day to lose weight?

If you like soup and want to lose weight without waiting too long, you can have up to two bowls of this soup per day. It is an excellent first course for lunch and can also become a complete and light dinner. In any case, this soup cannot colonize your diet as eating only certain foods for several days and excluding many others can be harmful to your health and have the exact opposite effect to what we are looking for. Pair it with fruit, skimmed dairy products, fish and grilled meats and with no added sauces or fats.

This garlic and spinach soup is ideal for losing weight pixabay

How to prepare the purifying broth for fast weight loss

prepare this cleansing broth for weight loss It is simple and inexpensive as all the ingredients are easy to find in any supermarket at very affordable prices.

You need a cabbage, two celery stalks, three garlic cloves, an onion and two tomatoes.

Chard soup is ideal for weight loss and fat burning. pexel

The first step is to wash and cut all the vegetables well. Put a saucepan with water on the heat and add the celery, garlic, onion and cabbage first. Cook over low heat for about 15 minutes. After this time, add the tomatoes and cook everything together for another 25 minutes. After this time, remove from heat and let it rest for a few minutes before consuming. So easy you’ll have the ready Soup for several days. You can store it in the refrigerator and it will only take you a minute to reheat it afterwards.