The vegetable soups they are perfect for lose weight. They are light dishes, rich in vitamins but with very little fat and calories. However, with the arrival of heat, you do not want to eat hot dishes, so you have to look for types of broth that can also be taken cold. A perfect example is this onion soup for weight loss What we offer you today. It’s about a purifying and diuretic broth ideal for losing weight quickly and in a healthy way. Furthermore, it can also be taken cold. We will tell you all the details about it onion soup for weight loss and how you should take it to make it more effective.

Properties of onion for weight loss

Onion is an ideal food for lose weight. Among its slimming properties, its effect stands out diuretic and purifying, perfect for avoiding fluid retention and eliminating toxins from the body. It is also perfect for preventing stomach gas and detoxifying the liver and gallbladder. If you get it cooked, it is very low in calories (only 20 calories per 100 grams)

onion soup for weight loss

The Soup of onion It is a very purifying recipe as well it’s an excellent one ally to lose weight. This dish, while containing other vegetables, mainly highlights the properties of the onion which, as we have already mentioned, is a diuretic and purifying food, very low-calorie and satiating.

Onion is very diuretic and ideal for weight loss pixabay

The ideal is to consume cooked onion to enhance it slimming power and don’t add calories or fat to our diet. One of the best ways to take onions for weight loss is in soup, which is ideal for a Slimming diet.

Fat burner soups help you lose weight in a healthy way pixabay

How to make onion soup

prepare a low calorie onion soup It’s very simple. We are going to prepare the broth for several days that you can keep in the fridge and consume whenever you want. You will need 6 onions, three celery stalks, half a cabbage and 3 tomatoes. It is not recommended to put salt in it so as not to spoil the potency diuretic and purifying of this broth, then we will use some aromatic herb to season it.

You have to wash all the ingredients well and cut them into small pieces. Put them in a large pot and cover them with water. Let them simmer for half an hour and then remove from the heat. If you only want to drink the broth, you can strain it.

How long can you take this broth for?

Despite its many benefits, even this purifying broth should not be abused and it is not recommended to take it for more than 7 days in a row. Then rest for a week or two and you can take it back for another week. You will soon notice the results on your figure. It can be taken as a first course for lunch or as a main course for a light dinner.