Sopitas for the soul | THE VIEWER

I think it happens to many of us: when we want to bring to the present the memories of the peking of the house or of the grandmother, we do not find a richer way to pay homage to them with a good soup, full of a little taste of home. And it is that if one is entangled in life, sick or just needs a dose of homemade heat to feel good, soups are the best resource. They mark us so much in life that they are our first food when we switch from breast milk or bottle to food. They are, without a doubt, the most important link when it comes to starting to give substance to the palate of children.

In every family there is a priceless treasure: the recipes of soups, broths or marjoram, as some of them were called in my house. Soups are and will be the best snack to define cultures and return to history lessons on any trip through Colombia, as they have retained the fundamental roots of gastronomic culture from time immemorial.

Each region has its own flavor, which is rooted in the tradition of each city or area we visit. But, in general, we like thick soups, where the portion of rice is a good accompaniment, and if accompanied by chilli, even better. Broths with lots of potatoes or yucca, with rib or fish substance, the infallible three-phase sancocho, colicero soups, rice or shellfish, are some of those that cross my mind when I have to think about a complete lunch. Those are the soups that transport me to my childhood and memories full of nostalgia and heart too.

Added to these are the “levantamuertos” soups, which not only cure the flu or stomach ache, but also guava. And let’s not talk about sadness, because there isn’t one that doesn’t pass with a generous spoonful of a good stew. This is also what soups are for: to overcome your pain.

You can spend the day on the tip of soups: breakfast with changua, which even if I don’t have many friends in his fan club, lunch with banana soup and lunch with a broth, how about that splendor? And it is that if I can’t think of my life without a soup in between. Don’t change it for fries or an egg for lunch, and don’t mix it around because the neighbor sticks his tongue out, like Mafalda. Who has not enjoyed a good nickname of cheese, tripe, rondón (invest), bean soup, cuchuco with espinazo, mute, mazamorra chiquita or pigeon … I could go on listing Colombian soups, but the appetite only increases.

Our cuisine is full of tasty and hearty soups that will delight and nourish our body and soul. That’s why they will always be the best and most substantial option. And that’s what the creators of Zupa Foods (@Zupafoods) saw, a food company born during the pandemic that tries to support people who needed to eat healthy, consuming fresh vegetables and proteins, but without additives or gluten. . As they say “more than food, Zupa is a medicine made with love”.

Its goal is “to democratize healthy food, quickly and in a balanced way”. And they have succeeded, because when you are sick or have a lot of work, there is not much time to cook, chop lots of vegetables and prepare something tasty and healthy. For this I loved their bone broth, which they currently use a lot for diets, funds or to regulate food; tomato and green soup, which they call anti-inflammatory. They’re all packed with flavor, plus you can add things to them at home, from cheese and corn tortillas. The queen of Zupa deserves a separate mention: the ajiaco, with which they fix us lunch for many days a month, as it is easy to take to the office and heat up.

Don’t forget to check out the smoothies, especially the tropical, the reducer and the detoxification. In them I found the best in the middle of the morning, but they also recommend taking them on an empty stomach, to improve the immune system, digestion and take advantage of their anti-inflammatory effects.

Whatever and everywhere, bring the soup, warm the soul and eat rich and with lots of flavor, which is also the pleasure of living.