Shakira and the diet that allows her to have an enviable figure at 45

At 45 and with two pregnancies, Shakira maintains an enviable figure. The Colombian’s secret is to maintain a good diet and complement it with a specific exercise routine. This allows him to have enough energy to wow his thousands of followers at every show he puts on stage.

Shakira’s diet is not expensive at all and everyone can use it with products that can be found in every kitchen. Before revealing the acclaimed artist’s secret, it’s worth mentioning that it’s important to get a nutritionist’s opinion if you’re willing to follow her, as every body has different needs and goals.

Shakira’s diet to get a slim figure

Not only is the Colombian strict about her diet, she also makes sure to stick to her five meal-a-day schedules. She is also super organized during training, since the desired results are supplemented by exercises.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so Shakira consumes a glass of orange or grapefruit in the morning, along with a slice of pineapple and a slice of toast with panela or other low-fat cheese. Eat two kiwis or an apple for lunch, accompanied by low-calorie yogurt and plenty of water.

At lunchtime, the portion consists of a spinach and tomato salad, accompanied by a fried or grilled steak to keep the calories low, and pumpkin pudding for dessert. This menu can vary with a plate of white spaghetti with vegetables and a portion of salad or fruit. In the afternoon, a glass of tomato juice or low-calorie yoghurt, which can be alternated with a slice of whole wheat bread and panela cheese.

The last meal of the day consists of vegetable soup, lentils with broccoli and tomatoes, plus two slices of wholemeal bread, a peach or apple, and a small low-calorie jelly at the end.

Shakira’s training

In order not to spend long in the gym, the artist of songs like “Te Felicito” divides her training into five sessions with dance routines. The cardiovascular work these exercises give you not only keeps you healthy but also helps tone all parts of your body. In addition, he complements it with stretching sessions to be able to perform all the movements that he is not used to in his shows.