Seven easy broths and soups to take the cold out

In a winter in which usually cold at this time of year Add to this a wave of polar cold and / or rather sudden snowstorms, one of the things you want most when you get home is drink something hot and tasty that invigorates the body and spirit. And for this there are few things more effective than a hearty broth or a tasty soup.

This is why we propose ourselves seven recipes, one for each day of the week. Ideal for dinner, they provide everything you need to satisfy the most demanding. They are for life, but they never fail. Three basic brothsto be taken as it is or to enrich any other recipe, e four classic soups and basic in the recipe book of every home.

MONDAY. Chicken soup

Useful as a few dishes, in addition to its widespread use as a tonic for the sick, it is ideal to drink for itself and also as a base for any soup or rice.


• Quarter of chicken

• A ham bone

• Two medium carrots

• An onion

• A turnip or some other vegetable

• A leek

• Two cloves of garlic


Clean the carrots, turnip (or whatever vegetable you use) to wash them together with the leek. All these vegetables are chopped. It is recommended that the pieces be large so that they can be removed without problems. The chicken is also skinned and washed.

Heat the oil in a saucepan and add the vegetables to sauté lightly. Then add the chicken and the ham bone, turning them to mix everything well for a couple of minutes. Add water to fill about two thirds of its volume. Remove from the oven and start cooking. When foam forms, remove it. When it no longer comes out, it is salted and covered.

If we prepare it in an express pot, wait for the steam to come out, lower the heat and wait 20 minutes. If you use a normal saucepan, simmer for a little over an hour.

When cooked, drain the broth. There are those who separate the vegetables from the meat, and pass it to the blender to give a little more consistency to the broth. The meat is used for kibble, or, if you make a soup, it is added minced.

To lighten the fat, once it has cooled, put it in the refrigerator and remove the solidified fat with a spoon.

TUESDAY. Pottage

Another classic broth that can be stored for other recipes. The ingredients are the most common, but you can use those closest to hand. It supports pretty much everything. In addition to being used as a base for other recipes, it is also consumed alone or to enrich a pasta or vegetable soup.


• Two carrots

• A few sprigs of parsley

• A leek

• A stick of celery

• An onion

• A bay leaf

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Salt

• Two liters of water


Peel and coarsely chop all the vegetables. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan or pressure cooker, add the onion and leek first, brown them for a few minutes over low heat. After

Add the rest of the vegetables, a teaspoon of salt, bring to medium heat and brown for a few more minutes.

Add the parsley and bay leaf. After all the water and raise the heat to high so that it boils. When it reaches this point, we reduce the power in half. If we use an express pot, close with the lid and cook 20 minutes at maximum pressure. If it’s in a saucepan, cover it and cook for about 40 minutes. So, we turn off and let it rest. Then he just sneaks in. The vegetable can be mashed to make a puree.

WEDNESDAY. broth of sin

Also called fumet, it is the third of the bases to be used as a base for other recipes.


• A large leek

• An onion

• A handful of parsley

• 800 g of whitebait or bones and heads

• Waterfall

• Salt


Once the leek, parsley and fish have been cleaned (if it is whitebait, if it is head and bones, with a tap it is fine), we put it to cook together in a pan or a large pot, with water and a pinch of salt.

Leave to cook for 20 minutes. But let’s not lose sight of it. You need to remove the foam that forms. Plus, it’s very easy for it to overflow, so constant attention is essential.

After the time has elapsed, remove from heat and strain the broth. It is difficult to exploit solid elements, too many scraps and too many thorns.

THURSDAY. Noodle soup


• Two cloves of garlic

• 30 g serrano ham cubes

• 15 g of oil

• A pinch of sweet paprika

• 350 g of chicken broth

• Two eggs

• 30 g of tagliatelle (regardless of type)


Put the oil in a saucepan, add the minced garlic and when they are golden, add the ham. The whole is fried. Add the sweet paprika and sauté briefly so as not to burn it.

Immediately add the chicken broth (which can be part of the one made on Monday or prefabricated) and cook for seven minutes.

We use these minutes to cook the eggs, which once peeled are chopped very often and added to the pan.

Finally, we incorporate the chosen noodles and boil for the time that the manufacturer indicates on the package. If you like them very soft, leave them for another couple of minutes. Be careful they don’t suck up too much liquid and what happens is they thicken the soup.

FRIDAY. Garlic soup


• Five cloves of garlic

• Three eggs

• Six slices of stale bread

• 50 g of Serrano ham

• A liter of chicken broth

• Salt

• Pepper

• A tablespoon of sweet paprika

• 30 g of extra virgin olive oil


Peel and fillet the garlic, which will be browned in a pan with oil. At this point the ham is added and everything is skipped.

The heat is lowered to add the slices of bread and paprika (sweet or spicy to taste of the cook or guests). Sauté for a few minutes. Without stopping to turn, add the chicken broth (the one that was prepared on Monday or tetrabrick) and cook over medium heat for 20 minutes, making sure it does not boil.

It could end here, but the dish can be enriched with hard-boiled eggs and chopped in a saucepan, peeled and chopped. Another option is to cook them directly in the pot

Season to taste and serve hot, that’s why we are in winter.

SATURDAY. Fish soup with seafood


• Fish soup

• Four wheels of hake (the other fish serves as an example)

• 250 g of Prawns

• 250 g of clams

• A tomato

• A leek

• A carrot

• A clove of garlic

• Angel hair tagliatelle

• extra virgin olive oil


Put a drizzle of olive oil in a saucepan and brown the chopped garlic, leek and chopped carrot.

When they start to brown, add the peeled and diced tomato. Sauté for a few more minutes. When it is to our liking, we add the fish broth (the one prepared on Wednesday or bought at the supermarket).

Once you have cooked everything for a while, you can blend everything and mash the vegetables, which will give a little more consistency to the broth.

Put the pan back on the heat and add the chopped hake (or the fish of our choice), the prawns and the noodles. After giving them about five minutes, we add the clams.

SUNDAY. Tomato soup


• 500 grams of ripe tomatoes

• Half onion

• A clove of garlic

• Half a pepper

• A bay leaf

• Salt

• Pepper

• Olive oil


Fill a pot of water and bring the tomatoes to a boil for one minute, blanch them, and cool them in cold water. Once peeled, cut them into cubes

Finely chop the onion, half bell pepper, and garlic before frying them until golden brown in a pan with olive oil. Add the chopped cherry tomatoes, the bay leaf and season with salt and pepper.

Add two glasses of vegetable broth (of the one prepared on Tuesday or the one you bought). Lower the heat to half and boil for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally and check that it is well salted.

When cooked, you can leave it as it is or pass it through a blender, depending on the taste of each. If it is beaten, remember to remove the bay leaf.