SEDIF convenes municipalities to support the victims of Hurricane Agatha

Through the Department for Attention to the Vulnerable Population, the State System for the Development of Families (Sedif) has convened the 60 municipalities of the entity to participate in the food collection and thus support the families affected by Hurricane Agatha in the coast and in the highlands of Oaxaca.

The above, after this natural phenomenon (classified as category two) has resulted in 77,000 homes affected and 52 schools damaged in 25 coastal municipalities and in the Sierra de Oaxaca, for which the RED DIF 33, of the Global Strategy for Social Assistance Food and Community Development, in accordance with the Social Assistance Act.

Among the supplies that will be received are: non-perishable foods such as black beans, rice, cornmeal, lentils, textured soy, natural flavoring, oat flakes, table salt, wholemeal soup pasta, tuna, dried fruit, sardines , vegetables and legumes, chilli, instant coffee, skimmed milk powder for babies, children and adults, baby food, atole, biscuits, bread, canola or corn oil and water.

– A.D –

Likewise, personal hygiene products such as: toilet paper, diapers for babies and adults, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, shampoo, toilet soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and body creams.

Likewise, cleaning products such as: napkins, chlorine, washing powder, soap bars, sponges, buckets, brooms and mops. In addition to first aid items, including: antidiarrheal drugs, antacids, acetaminophen, aspirin, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, cotton, gauze of different sizes, bandages, duct tape, ointment for scratches, chafing or burns. And other supplies such as tarps, blankets, blankets and mats.

The aid will be received until June 23 at the Sedif facilities, located in Calle Morelos, number 4, in the center of the capital Tlaxcalan, from 9:00 to 18:00.

– A.D –