Sanborns restaurant is displayed in nets for serving soup with staples

A Sanborns restaurant has been exposed on social networks for serving soup with some kind of copper staple

Regeneration, May 24, 2022. The bad experiences in restaurants they can go viral on social networks as surprising as they can be.

This is the case of the complaint of a user, who said he found strange objects in a vegetable soup that he ordered in a restaurant of the chain Sannati.

through Twitterthe user @EnaBriar reported on restaurant located in the commercial square perisur because in his soup he found objects similar to copper staples.

The user posted a photo of the saucer and the pieces of metal he found inside Soup of vegetables to demonstrate what happened.

In the image it was even possible to observe that the dinner separated the copper flake, which could be ingested by her.

Because of the find that contaminated his Soupthe woman decided to show the case on social networks, from which she got a curious answer Sannati.

«The secret ingredient of a good vegetable soup…. They are the copper staples Bon appetit!

the user wrote

This is how Sanborns responded to the diner

The case caused more annoyance in the diner as the company’s response was «We appreciate your preference, Ena. Enjoy your meal!

Following the woman’s complaint, the person managing the account was not supposed to respond ironically, but rather provide a solution.

Subsequently, the affected user received another one reply from the same account, where they asked for more information to proceed with the complaint.

The events provoked a clear dissatisfaction with the way of responding businessbecause it was seen as a mockery of the diners.

Finally, the Twitter account of Sannati he continued to receive more complaints about his restaurant service.