Recommended children’s menu in fast food restaurants

Writing / The voice of Michoacán

When we decide to go out to eat with our children, the first thing that comes to mind is what do we eat? Where is it? There are many businesses, restaurants, fast food outlets.

But do we know where to go?

When we think about where, the first thing we think about is the complete options for going with our little ones, who have a plentiful and rich variety, that they themselves can choose what to eat and so can we. Of all the market places, few are complete and offer breakfasts, desserts, full meals, appetizers on their menu. And all those options for the little ones in the house.

Today we tell you VIP menuwhere we can find all this and more, they have a very complete menu, consisting of:


· Mini Hot Cakes accompanied by bananas and strawberries accompanied by a drink, it can be orange juice, milk or cold chocolate.

· Marinerito: consists of scrambled eggs with ham, accompanied by toast and American cheese, its infusion of fresh water, soft drink, lemonade or orange juice.

Mini Molletes: Gratin with Gouda cheese and served with ketchup, accompanied with fresh water, soft drink, lemonade or orange juice.

Combinadito: Mini Hot Honey Cakes accompanied by a scrambled egg with turkey ham and apple sticks, the infusion they offer is orange juice, milk or cold chocolate.

Soups and first courses:

Fruit Delight: Ideal for fruit lovers, a rich and healthy option for beginners.

Ham noodle soup, simply delicious.

Chips Vips: delicious chips accompanied by the toppings that children like best.

· Rich, healthy and tasty vegetable soup with chicken.

Sopita Vips: is a tasty soup with chicken, vegetables and noodles.

Full meal:

Sabanita adventure of beef, beef accompanied by French fries and cucumber and carrot sticks, the infusion to choose from consists of fresh water, soda or orange soda.

Taquitos dorados, chicken-filled taquitos, served with vegetables and refried beans, the drink can be fresh water, soda or orange soda.

  • Cheeseburgera rich beef and gouda cheese burger, accompanied by Vips fries, the drinks can be chosen from fresh water, soda or orange soda.

· Milanesita de pollo, made from breaded chicken breast, accompanied by Vips chips, is served with an infusion of fresh water, soft drink, lemonade or orange juice.


· Ice cream ball

Crackling of cajeta

· Chocolate milkshake

· Vanilla milkshake

· Strawberry smoothie

As for shakes When we talk, they give us the possibility to choose which type of milk they do it with, it can be whole, lactose-free or light.

Some advantages of choosing VIPS:

Vips gives us the opportunity to see the calories we consume per meal, everything is detailed in its menu, it is a great help when we follow a prescription diet and we need to know what we consume, it is a very precious help, not only in children’s letter, but in the full letter, a very interesting fact.

When it comes to adult menus, we can find many options for eating, from breakfasts, full, elaborate meals to desserts. And the wonderful thing is that in one place the whole family can enjoy a very pleasant time.

· The beauty of companies like VIPS is that they are attentive to children’s tastes, taking care of every detail in what they usually consume, offering rich, healthy, tasty, abundant and, above all, nutritious proposals. One of their dishes can be said to attract the attention of all children, you only eat to see it.

· They are attentive to the intake, from breakfast that is complete, of all the nutrients that the child needs for its proper development and optimal growth, while providing healthy and tasty food. Without hesitation, it is one of the most complete places, in terms of quality and options.

· They have a wide variety of menus for adults, complete and very tempting.

In short, it is one of the best places to go to have fun with children thanks to its wide variety of menus, from drinks menu, to full breakfasts, to vegetarian options with a wide variety of salads and menus, desserts, elaborate dishes, appetizers, seafood dishes, soups, different dishes with beef or chicken options, Mexican dishes such as tacos and enchiladas, a wide variety of sandwiches and muffins, give us the possibility to choose what we really want to eat without limiting ourselves in the options.