Recipes with canned lentils: salads and (a lot!) More

As with canned fish or vegetables, canned vegetables are another of those ‘essentials’ that cannot be missing in our pantry. And it is that with a small gesture (as simple as draining them, letting them pass through the water jet), we already have a super nutritious and healthy ingredient, ready for countless recipes.

They are perfect, for example, as the backbone of the most varied salads, but we must not stop there: soups, purees, fillings, garnishes, curryvegetable versions of meatballs, hamburgers, etc …

There are already many ideas that we have shown you, for example, with canned chickpeas or with beans. Obviously also with lentils (here and here you have several examples). Today we stop at the latter again to show you a good handful recipes, all with canned lentils as a common ingredient, even if very different from each other.

If you dare to prepare any of these suggestions, you can access them step by step by clicking on the name of each recipe.

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