Recipes of Mexican cuisine: here’s how you can make a vegetable soup with chicken

It has not happened to them, that since they took control of their lives, many times the ideals for the kitchen are not so simple, we also remember the words of the mother when we were little, where we have heard the phrase several times “I don’t know what to eat today”and we thought something similar; “But how do you not know what to eat when you have so many things?”. However, we have gotten to the point where we have no idea what we can do to cook.

If you are currently devastated and with a panic attack for not having ideas for cooking, not to mention that the end of the fortnight has reached you, don’t worry, that’s why we are here today, to support you and leave you with an extremely simple, fast and delicious idea, because we give you the best options for a quick and healthy meal and this could last for several days. That’s right, we’re talking about the vegetable soup with chicken.