Recipe for making vegetable and chicken soup in 4 steps

All paths of history and geography lead to soup. Regardless of the corner of the world, since a container could be made to hold liquids, surely there is soup. The versions we enjoy today are descendants of ancient ways of cooking meat and other ingredients.

The word soup derives from the Latin suppa, which referred to bread served in broth; the Roman Empire was instrumental in spreading its use.

According to the Royal Academy, soup is a dish consisting of one or more solid ingredients and broth. From there deep discussions start, such as the one on the border between soup and meat broth.(Reform Agency)

You can travel the planet through its soups, bouillabaise, gazpacho, minestrone, cock-a-leekie, Caldo de piedra, miso, mulligatawny, aalsuppe, gratinée à l’oignon. the list is as long as the regions. Almost all of them, however, have in common an aromatic base, a liquid and the ingredients to finish.

To make a vegetable soup or any soup with a broth base and interesting things that float:

one. Heat oil or butter, sauté onion, garlic or both. Other flavors such as ginger, shallot, whole spices or chilli can be incorporated. You have to be patient for everything to dry out.

Two. Add chicken or other proteins; it depends on which, if it is to be cooked separately and added to the broth. It can also be a few cubes of serrano ham, slices of chorizo, vegetables, beans or other legumes already cooked, salt, pepper and, a few minutes later, enough liquid to cover, preferably a broth with something to add. You always have to build the flavor in layers, each step should excite us.

3. The first golden rule is to have a suitable broth, especially when it comes to chicken. Raise the heat until it boils and then lower it; Cook over low heat long enough for the flavors to combine and the veggies to soften, but not beyond redemption. If whole chicken pieces have been added, it’s time to remove and chop them.

Four. Adjusting the seasoning and finish can be fun – soups are a blank canvas for additions such as aromatic oils – sesame oil or very fragrant olive oil – fresh herbs and interesting things floating around, e.g. croutons, strands of eggs passed through a colander or cookies for soup, a favorite with children and a must in clam chowder. A chicken broth with a couple of tablespoons of poblano pepper puree and crumbled ranchero cheese dresses up for a gala.