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Lenses. Photo: Matthias Lipinski/Pixabay

And suddenly the #Lenses they were Trending topic. It happened on the TikTok social network and it seemed like fabulous news. In thousands of videos, many users added the following keywords: #lenses. In anything without coming to mind, without talking about food, regardless of the topic. Just the legume pad. A secret.

It was wonderful for a moment… Like when you read it was like that trending Shakespeare or Cervantes on Twitter, and not Toni Cantó or Abascal. Humanity was back on course. There was hope. The joy of the nutritionists must have been great at the time. Teenagers are crazy about #Lenses, They thought. We made it! Little Mort, Orgasm. They had spent so much time investing in this cause and preaching in the desert. They hadn’t been this popular since Abraham’s prodigal son came home and ordered that bowl of lentils in the Bible. Finally, that legumes They triumphed in this network of young people whom we accuse of malnutrition, early obesity…crazy people who only eat cookies and sugar.

However, life is a dream. News appeared soon after keywords or label did not refer to the authentic lenses. Internet scientists published various theories, but one thing was clear: TikTok lenses were not eaten. Bassoon. coitus interruptus in nutritional counseling. More like an orgasmic headache. Lentils were still outcasts in the diet…

the label of #Lenses from TikTok was just one of those internet jokes baby boomers they can never understand. absurd fashions. Hoax thing: if you put this label on the network, they said, your videos will get more views. Happy Day of the Holy Innocents, answered the people in charge of the social network (it seems that they were the ones who started the madness). Take #lentils!

grief. because it would have been #fabulous. Lentils are an excellent food and suitable for children and adolescents (the majority of the public of the said social network). We are here to defend them. they deserve a hashtags own self, real. You deserve to be the Rosalias that moms the stews. Reasons? Many. infinity. Artillery. Head down… we come armed with reasons…

Reasons for the hashtag #Lentils

#Lentils… they are an ancient crop

We are talking about one of the oldest crops in the world. They’ve beaten more fads than pizza, poké bowls, or milkshakes detoxification. It is assumed that e.g about 8,000 years agocoming from the Middle East, later migrating to the Mediterranean and Asia.

Farming started with lentils. Not less. Legumes and other vegetables such as wheat and barley laid the foundation for civilization. Without these groceries, you would never have had an iPhone or networks or anything, just #hunger. They were highly prized in ancient Egypt as they formed the basis of the diet of the workers at the pyramids. They were eaten in Greece and Rome with boiled or mashed chestnuts. Yes, the old ones do submerged the hummus long before anyone thought of # tagsreal food. The Roman legions brought them to the Iberian Peninsula. The word lens It comes from Latin lenswhich meant “little glasses” or “lenses” (diminutive of lens).

#Lentils… don’t make you melancholic

They had a bad reputation. Ancient doctors believed that lentils caused melancholy, that is, depression or insanity. The Roman Pliny said they spoiled the sight. John of Avignonin his Sevillian medicine (1380), ruled that they were “wicked and melancholy”. Others said they caused leprosy or that they were hallucinogenic. They were the tobacco of the time. It was also a meal for the poor in the Middle Ages and the Golden Age.

in the The Quixote, no less than in his presentation, just a few lines below that famous beginning of “In a place in La Mancha…”, it says that the Hidalgo took her every week; the cervantistas suspect that the readers of the time quickly understood that gagthe comic coup: For this reason, Quijote had to be there nutty. The real madness, however, was the thought that this magnificent vegetable was poisonous.

We are talking about a very strong food nutritional level. They alleviated the hunger of entire generations (the poor in Spain have always been “melancholy”). And yet, some continued to think of them as “stinky” or “old woman’s food.” Not “grandmothers”: old women, witches, toothless…! The lentil variety of the time was different than today, smaller and darker, and it bred parasites. unappetizing…

#Lentils… they feed you, and lots of it

Oh yeah! Without a doubt. We are in the fabulous realm of legumes, enthroned today as one of the healthiest and most complete foods there is. Equal parts energy and health. Unlike Pliny, we now know that the humble lenses have something like superpowers. For starters, they’re loaded with fiber. And what is fiber for? It is elementary, basic, because it prevents diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, constipation, is necessary for the intestinal tract and protects against the occurrence of some types of cancer. Nearly nothing.

They are a clean source of energy (healthier than fats or sugars). They are characterized by their energy contribution and are rich in biologically valuable proteins. They are sources of carbohydrates almost no fat. They lower blood sugar levels. They are an ideal diet for children, adolescents and people who engage in physical activity. And what do you offer us… pizza?

#Lentils… if you are vegetarian or carnivore

Due to their nutritional contribution, they are particularly suitable for vegetarian diet. They contain almost all essential amino acids (those that are naturally and entirely present in products such as meat and are necessary for the body, the building blocks of proteins).

Yes, it is true that they have slightly fewer amino acids, such as methionine. Therefore, to complete them and have the same effect as a steak, it is advisable to mix them with rice. The low content of methionine and cysteine ​​in lentils is compensated by cereals and vice versa. They are rich in too potassium, an important mineral for the nervous system and which regulates blood pressure. Due to the presence of B group vitamins and other minerals such as zinc or selenium, they have an antioxidant effect: they mitigate the aging process.

#Lentils… if you have anemia

You are very rich in ironand that’s why nutritionists recommend preventing them anemia (especially with a vegetarian diet) or even to prevent vaginal infections. Mixing them with foods that provide vitamin C, like parsley, makes it easier for iron to be absorbed. However, if you suffer arthritis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis and goutare not advisable due to the quantity uric acid and purines of its composition.

#Lentils… they are a colorful world

Actually we have several varieties on the market, some with suggestive names like “Beluga” (due to its resemblance to Beluga caviar). Various sizes and colors. There are brown (like pardina and castellana), yellow (blonde), white (like Indian urad dal), black (beluga), red or orange (masu dal), green (e.g. Puy’s French green) … Some should be soaked for twelve hours before cooking, others do not require prior hydration, such as. B. Red. They are super adaptable. From salads to purees, stews, stews or lasagna. It is impossible not to find a dish to your liking.

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