Puebla, the most expensive state in the country in June – El Sol de Puebla

So far in June 2022, Puebla is considered the most expensive state in the countrysince the cost of the basic basket had an increase of 5.45 percent, compared to the previous month, according to the National Alliance of Small Businesses (ANPEC).

Through the agency’s price monitoring, it became known that in May the cost of a pantry with 38 products costs 1,560 pesos and is currently fluctuating in the Thousand 648 pesos.

From May to June are the groceries that have risen the most in price Orange by 300 percent; lenses by 180 percent; tomato by 50 percent; beans and pork chop at 33.33 percent; carrot and jalapeƱo pepper by 25 percent.

It is also found the apple by 16.67 percent; milk by 12.50 percent; lemon by 10 percent; bath soap and soft drinks with 6.25 percent and oil with 4.26 percent.

In contrast, those who lost weight Its price for the potato was -57.14 percent; Rice at -28.57 percent; the egg by -28.26 percent; chicken, at -23.53 percent; the onion by -20 percent; sugar by -16.67 percent; Chili with -12.73 percent and floor cleaner with -12 percent.

In addition, it is found Tomato and can of tuna at -10 percent; Avocado and wheat flour at -9.09 percent; the gelatin in the envelope, in a -7.14 percent; the steak at -6.25 percent and the paper at -3.33 percent.

Some of the foods that had no change in that period, are the tortilla; Sardine; box bread; noodles for soups; pickled chillies, salt and oatmeal.

The states that are considered one of the most expensive below Puebla are Guanajuato with an increase in the cost of the basic basket Eating 3.68 percent and Moreloswith 2.01 percent.