Polish flavors to serve at the Argentine table

The tastes and smells of our childhood always return to the present, no matter how much time passes. Memory is wise, especially for those things that have marked us and bring us very beautiful memories. And that’s what Marysieñka Zeman (nickname referring to the name Maria) did with Polish food.

Under the auspices of the Polish Embassy in Argentina, Marysieñka presented her first book on Polish food, something unprecedented in the country as currently the gastronomic offer of that European destination is almost non-existent.

Creator of the YouTube channel of Polish cuisine in Spanish and author of the cookbook “Mes a mes taste polones”, edited and financed by the Embassy, ​​the specialist has chosen in her pages dishes that are not difficult to prepare and many convey healthy habits through vegetables and fruit and ingredients such as the “dill” widely used in the Old Continent and which is only being discovered here in a more massive way.

Thus, in its pages one can read, in Spanish and Polish, new words such as Pierogi, stuffed pasta; Pomidorawa, tomato soup; Bigos, Polish stew in a pan; and Szarlotka, the classic sweet apple pie that abounds on the Polish table due to the 250 varieties of that fruit that grow in their country. You can also find wrapped babies and beetroot soup, as the typical Polish dishes best known by Argentines.

“There are many varieties of food in Poland, most of which are used in Argentine cuisine. It is a different way of cooking than what is customary here, but it has very good dishes such as sauerkraut, which has probiotics and is very healthy, ”Marysieñka emphasized.

The book is available in electronic version on the Embassy page or at the link https://bit.ly/3Q6QA4f. (DIB)