No curbs on price escalation despite AMLO’s anti-inflation package – El Sol de Puebla

A month later the federal government announce the Inflation and Scarcity Package (PACIC), this initiative still does not give results in the state of Puebla, how commodity prices continue to rise, reported the National Alliance of Small Enterprises (ANPEC).

It should be remembered that the purpose of This project aims to fix the market value of 24 essential products of the basic basket, however, so far it has not been possible to contain the increase.

Some of these foods and supplies areoil, rice, canned tuna, sugar, beef steak, onion, jalapeño pepper, pork chop, beans, egg, soap, tomato, milk, lemon, apple, orange, bread, potato, toilet paper, noodle soup, chicken, sardine, tortilla and carrot.

Due to this situation, Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of the organization, announced it families continue to change their consumption habits to increase their purchasing power.

Among these changes, lies that they have stopped buying premium quality fruit, vegetables and legumes in favor of cheaper, low-nutrient ones.

As for meat products, it has been said that now they buy the entrails, the wings and the neck, leaving behind your breasts, legs and thighs.

This was also said families buy cereals in bulk and which are not always of good quality, among these are the beans, rice, sugar, lentils, cereals and salt.

They finally stopped buying sausages; while egg, onion, chilli and avocado is purchased from piece and no more in kilos as seen in previous years.