Newspaper TODAY | Sushi: the Asian dish that is gaining more and more popularity in Paraguay

Sushi is a typical Asian dish that has crossed oceans and borders to Paraguay and has become popular in many corners of the country. Its consumption increased by 31.3% in 2021 and everything indicates that it will continue to gain ground, according to a report on the preferences of Paraguayans regarding this delicacy.

International Sushi Day is celebrated on 18 June each year. For this reason, the digital platform for home deliveries, Orders Now, has produced a report on consumer trends. This revealed that Asunción, San Lorenzo and Fernando de la Mora are the cities where this dish has been requested the most through the application over the past 12 months.

There is a wide variety of alternatives to order this Asian dish immediately, allowing users to explore new options and discover new flavors in their neighborhood stores. In keeping with this, Sushi Pop, Yakitori Sushi and Sushi Deli are some of the favorite restaurants for those who use OrdensYa.

The report, on the other hand, highlights that sushi consumption has grown by 31.3% in the last year and that the highest number of sales is usually recorded on Saturdays, then on Fridays and finally on Thursdays. Regardless of the day of the week, the night is users’ favorite time to order sushi in Paraguay.

The origin of sushi

Although the consumption of this dish is one of the main gastronomic trends in the country, many are unaware of the reason for its name. Its origin goes hand in hand with rice: “su” means “vinegar” and “shi” comes from “meshi” which means “rice”. However, sushi is more than just vinegared rice as there are many more elements that come into play in assembling a roll.

In this sense, the report ensures that the ingredients that stand out the most in user orders are salmon, followed by cream cheese and finally rice.

Furthermore, the study showed that the top 3 of the most requested pieces is composed of:

1- Sushi New York Salad: rice base with fresh salmon, avocado, cream cheese, chives and sesame seeds served with soy sauce.

2- New York Philadelphia Roll: salmon, avocado and cream cheese; wrapped in sesame

3- Combo New York Phila, California, crispy salmon, crispy mandi’o, capresse, best.

Paraguayans know that a good sushi night is not complete without a sauce to accompany and enhance the flavors of the fish. Therefore, the stars in this category are soy, teriyaki, and bittersweet.