Martín Berasategui blows out the candles for José’s tenth birthday

The only Michelin-starred chef in Malaga has celebrated 10 years at the city’s port with a 4-hand meal with his teacher and mentor, Berasategui.

Jose Carlos Garcia is a Malaga institution. A chef who has been cooking at his parents’ restaurant, Café de Paris, since he was a child and, after training in the best kitchens in the world, decided to give his hometown a first-class dining room. This dream was inaugurated 10 years ago at the city’s Pier 1 and JCG wanted to celebrate it with a special menu that it would offer all year round, in addition to a series of acoustic concerts that have brought personalities such as Kiko Veneno to the restaurant or Marlango .

The launch of this menu had an exceptional godfather who was his teacher at the beginning and the chef with the most Michelin stars in our country with 12 out of 7 restaurants, Martin Berasategui. García remembers learning the most important thing about this profession: “The humility to share your knowledge with the apprentices who came from all over the world to learn in his kitchen”. “He was a very excellent student with an exceptional human quality,” he says of Malaga chef Berasategui.

The premiere of the menu took place yesterday with a dinner prepared by students and teachers. After a cocktail on the terrace of the JCG restaurant based on different appetizers: Poultry parfait with Pedro Ximénez and cocoa, sunflower seed powder, white garlic from Malaga with red wine and vanilla granita and natural oyster with basil and ginger foam, the seven-course tasting menu started with a Cult dish of Martín Berasategui: Caramelized millefeuille of foie gras, smoked eel, fresh spring onion and sour apple. Next, the prawns marinated in roasted pepper juice, an emblematic recipe with which José Carlos García winks at the roasted pepper salad his parents made at their family restaurant.

Next came the Malaga shrimp carpaccio with coral and dried fruit vinaigrette (José Carlos García), the red mullet with cauliflower flakes and liquid potato curry gnocchi (Martín Berasategui), the cod confit in olive oil and seasonal pea soup (José Carlos García) and pigeon in two dishes with beluga stew made with black lentils and chia seeds by Martín Berasategui. The coffee quark cream with liquorice ice cream and black ink tiles put the icing on the cake of this menu, paired with the selection of wines by the Vila Viniteca sommeliers: Gramona III Lustros 2013, Muchada Léclapart Univers 2019, Mujer Cañón 2018 and La Counter Cave 2015