Mariana Ochoa reveals her secret to fighting a sore throat and cough

fan of OV7 they are already waiting concerts due to 30th anniversary of the groupbecause they will be presented in different cities of the country and in the National Auditorium on CDMXbut if you are a true fan of the band, you will surely know that each of its members is absolutely multidisciplinary and dominates more than one thing, because only then could it be said that they are one of the bands that have marked a generation.

Therefore, it is no longer surprising that there are unknown talents, as in the case of Mariana Ochoawho recently visited the ‘In the style of Paulina Abascal’, where they cooked a rich chicken broth and a tasty vegetable soup, which frankly those of us who followed the program liked. And it all looked great. However, that was not all, because the member of OV7 said something else.